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More Than Tangibles

She came to serve like she does most weeks, but this week was different. She had gotten really bad news from her family that morning. It was obvious that it was hard to press on through the morning and I offered that if it was easier to go home for the day that we’d be fine. “No,” she said through tears, “I think I need to be here.” He came in about mid morning and he was very weathered looking. He had an address so we’re uncertain if he was homeless or giving the address of a shelter, but he looked like he had spent a good bit of time outdoors. He had on shorts and a t-shirt and he looked pretty clean, but his shoes… His shoes were worn completely to the soles. As a matter of fact, he had stuffed paper towels into the holes to help cushion his feet and he had taped them together.  He said he was there for just a few things. She was the one that greeted him and in an instant she had purpose. Her heart was determined that if she couldn’t change the news about her family… if she cou

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