Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh the Photo Ops!

Look at this picture... do you see anything unusual? Really look!


No? Well, let's just pull in for a close up!


One day I walked into my office and that crazy cat was just sitting there, behind the photos, staring at me! CREEPY to say the least!! In the first one he's still there... but he put his head down as I snapped the picture. Oh my word... he fits right in with the rest of us!

One night we were trying to take Christmas card pictures, but everyone was tired. My husband laid down on the floor and said, "Here, will this do?" OH! It just made me mad! WELL! I showed him! Caroline and I laid on each shoulder and TA DAAAA! :) This picture is on our card! That will show him!!!


This was another attempt at Christmas card pictures, but Caroline would NOT stand up straight! We tried and tried to get her to stand up, but over...


and over again... girlfriend laid her head on the rail. UG! 


SOOO we just took one without her!


(We later found out that she was coming down with bronchitis! Yay for me fussing at her!)

Here are a few pics of my in-laws too.. it's always fun to try to take pics with kids, babies and dogs!


This one turned out the best! Even the dog smiled.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Wouldn't Believe How Many Blogs I Have...

... in my head!!!!!!!!! It is so hard lately to make the time to sit down and write my thoughts. It's funny. Something happens and I think, "Oh! That would be a great blog topic!" Somehow, life gets busy and  I hardly get past that little thought. Lot of good THAT does me and this pitiful blog attempt!

There was this one day that my husband, daughter and I were Christmas shopping. We were in the Bass Pro Shop because my dad and brother are the outdoorsy types. We were walking through the store and we walked past the depth finders. My husband said that he had not seen one of those in a while! We looked at how far technology had come just to help people find fish! Out of now where the thought came to me, and I said, "Wouldn't it be cool to have a depth finder for people?" He just looked at me. "Well, what if we had a way to see how deep a person really dreams, thinks or IS? We might really be surprised at what we'd find."  I thought that would be a GOOD blog topic right there in the store, but then got home and never thought if it again... until today!


Then there was this past Sunday when the special needs classroom that I coordinate at church was PACKED! We had 6 special needs kids and 2 teachers. WOW! Our hands were full! So we decide to take 2 of them to worship just to break it up a bit. Below is a picture of my Caroline with one of our students, Aaron. 


I took Aaron and another girl with me. Both are non-verbal but absolutely precious! We got into the sanctuary and sat down. A song began and the precious girl stood up, ALL BY HERSELF, and raised her hand in the air in praise!!!!!!!! Oh friends! I was completely DONE! My friends were on the praise team... they were DONE! That precious, unashamed, pure and perfect act of worship just brought me to my knees before the Lord! I cried like a baby at God's amazing love for us and at her unbelievable worship.

Then there was the day that my girl and I got the camera and just started acting silly... 001




she is one hilarious and fun kid, let me tell you! What did I do before I had her???

Well, there are plenty more but I guess that's for another day! I need to take some time to read other's blogs as well! I love reading and catching up on everyone. If only I had the TIME!

Oh! Merry Christmas too! SEE! I haven't even blogged about THAT or the fact the we switched schools. So many blogs... so little time!