Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Drive Myself Crazy!

Do you do that? Like right now... I CAN NOT think of the words to this song that I heard on the radio yesterday. I LOVED the song, but I can't think of the title, words, anything!

So if I loved it so much you would think I would remember something. Right? Artist? Can't remember that either! EITHER!!!!!!!

OR yesterday I stayed home all day (until I went to run errands) and I cleaned some, did laundry... you know... catching up from the weekend. So I worked hard and tried to be good about not wasting time on the computer and I get up this morning... I had forgotten to put some of the dishes away.. I had forgotten to put some laundry away in Caroline's room... I FORGOT, I FORGOT, I FORGOT!!!!!!!!! It drives me crazy because it felt like I did all of that and then shot myself in the foot.

I have friends that can remember everything. EVERYTHING!! Like they tie strings around all of their fingers, mentally or something, and just remember every stinkin' detail. It's quite impressive to be honest.

They can remember names... WHO remembers names??? NOT me.

They can remember the details of things people say... I remember that I saw the person and that we talked, but the details...well you are asking a little too much of me.

What was your name again?

It seriously drives me crazy.

I forget to turn papers in on time. I forget to call people back. I forget to charge my cell phone. I FORGET MY CELL PHONE. I forget to make doctor's appointments. I forget to put on earrings. I forget to return things.  I forget things all the time.

AND... here's the kicker... I am not even 40 yet people!

What's going to happen to me??

Maybe, when I get old, will I forget to wear my Depends?

Maybe I will forget my teeth.

Maybe I will forget where I am going and just live in Wal-mart 'til someone sends out a missing person's alert. Who would send the alert? I don't KNOW!!!!!

OR maybe I will forget to put my clothes on all together!!

I mean at the rate I am going I would not put it past me.

So... will ya'll help me? If you see some toothless, naked woman who peed on herself walking around in Wal-mart will you please take me home? But don't ask me how to get there because I WON'T REMEMBER!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Food and a Fun Run!

I mentioned in my last post that things have been a little crazy around here and here are a few reasons why!

Last Christmas we gave my in-laws a fire pit to go out on their new patio area. This week we went to enjoy the awesome spring weather and we cooked s'mores over the pit!


YUM Ya'll!

There's Caroline explaining the fire to you. You understand every word, right?


Cookin' with Paw Paw


Assembling and Eating with Grammy


You gotta get a little on ya!


Then just yesterday our school did a fundraiser FUN RUN! The fundraising part isn't exactly my favorite idea, but the FUN RUN was REALLY fun. And we ran. Imagine the irony.

Here is Caroline's class getting ready to run through the tunnel!

GET READY TO RUMBLE! (of course she is the one out of line. OF COURSE!)


Running Through!011


All of the kids are loosening up to run! WOO HOO!


The National Anthem plays...


There's a test run around the track so they cheer for each other as they start...


The teachers are the "markers". The kids are all wearing the same shirt with a numbered track on the back. As the kids make a lap the teachers stop them and mark the next number indicating how many laps the kids have run. Here they are... ready to MARK!


Here we GOOOOOOO!!! And she's off!


Watch out for those boys who will scream past you and knock you down!


Getting a mark.. (from her teacher that prayed for me when I had my melt down! Bless this woman, Lord! She is beyond precious!)


In the end it's all about having fun and supporting each other along the way!


In the end girlfriend ran 20 LAPS! I was the loudest mom out there (I know you are shocked!) and I ran a few laps with her. I was so proud that she didn't give up... though she did spend a few laps at the water table!

Monday, April 20, 2009

While I Am Waiting on the Floor to Dry!

I thought I would blawg a little! It seems like days just fly by and I am so busy lately that I have had no time to even sit at the computer for longer than a second just to check e-mails! I even left my camera in the kitchen (where the floor is drying!) so I can't post pictures. Again. I do have some to share though. I guess that means I need to take the time to post more! Darn! :)

Well, it's 11:20am and I am still in my PJ's cleaning this house again! I am so thankful for these days though. The ones that start with feet running once they hit the floor are exhausting! And I have had quite a few of those lately. So, today I took my time with my quiet time, eating my breakfast and then eased on into some housework. Not a bad day... I must say.

One thing that we have dealt with lately(and is wearing us slap out!)  is Caroline starting new meds. WOW. THAT has been an experience! Girlfriend has been a little wild to say the least. We started Lexapro over spring break to help with the serotonin excretion in her brain that may be contributing to her anxiety. For the first few days she seemed to be fine... no real changes.

THEN we went to my mom's house. OH MERCY SAKES! She changed into EEE-evil woman! She was doing things that she KNEW she wasn't suppose to, not listening and just plain old MEAN! So we came home and thought that maybe we needed to get back into school. Maybe the routine was so different, she was tired... you know how kids can be! Uh. no. The teacher called me and said that she was pushing her friends, throwing things, walking around during class time and yelling out during instruction. Just what every mom wants to hear.

Now, don't get me wrong. My girl CAN have a mind of her own and she is definitely 7 with a little bit of an attitude. AND she's not saved yet. A sinner, I tell ya! A sinner! (just keepin' it real) AND she has sensory and processing issues... so school isn't always the easiest place! But this behavior was strange even for her.

SO I called the doctor and her OT and we discussed backing her down on the meds and watching her for another few days. This past weekend was better so we are PRAYING (serious prayers) that today is going well. It's lunch time and no calls yet. MAYBE this is a good sign. We shall see!

I just have to say that her teachers have been INCREDIBLE! I cried on Friday as I stood in the hallway talking with her about all of this. You know what she did? She took me into another room, prayed over me and loved on me! This woman is a GOD SEND!! She loves my girl in spite of her little sinful self too! Oh, thank YOU JESUS!!!!!

Well, I guess the floor is almost dry and I have plenty more to do! In spite of all that we have dealt with life goes on!  Can't wait to get a minute to check up on you guys and what's happening in your world!  Have a good one now... ya hear?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"So the Soldiers..."

"... took charge of Jesus. Carrying His own cross, He went out to the place of the Skull (which in Aramaic is called Golgotha). Here they crucified Him, and with Him two others- one on each side and Jesus in the middle." John 19:16-18

"Pray that God will open our eyes as He reveals Himself in new dimensions of holiness and power, that we will ask for it and expect it, and that He will do it." Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter, pg. 84

Lord, you took my sin and voluntarily took it to the cross. You nailed it there in Your own flesh so that I might know heaven. I do not deserve Your matchless grace and I am awed by Your love for me.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break (Without Pictures!)

HEY BLAWGLAND! How are all 5 of you?? I seriously feel so out of the loop and have been reading blogs tonight since I just returned from my parent's house. They live in the stone ages with NO COMPUTER! (How do they live?) I needed to catch up on my friends!!

Caroline and I left early Monday and just returned in time for dinner tonight. It has been forever since I've stayed at their house for most of a week! I am also SOOOOOOO mad that I didn't take my camera because you all would have loved to have seen some of the "moments" from our visit! I think I will just list them because this could take YEARS to type. Years! I tell ya. SOO here are the highlights.. with no pictures. UG!

* My dad is a pet store manager and we got to go see all of the precious bunnies that they got in for Easter. Now, I DO know that this week is not about a bunny, but I got one out and held it and it just snuggled under my chin. Oh my goodness!! It was the cutest thing ever!! EVER. (Yes, we could have used a picture to share with blawg land!)

* One night we cooked dinner and we had a "Caroline meal." We had hot dogs, mac and cheese and brownies for dessert.  Well.... we WERE going to have brownies until I went to get them out of the oven and dropped the entire pan into the oven!!Oh my word. YES! You definitely needed a  picture of that because it was a SIGHT TO BEHOLD. I am pretty sure I have never seen anything quite like it. It was EVERYWHERE!! My mom's cabinets, the floor, the little drawer under the oven that you put pans in... yea, that was pretty much all chocolate. AND the burner inside the oven sparked and caught on fire a little because the food landed right on it. Oh yea. You would have enjoyed that. It was special.

*We shopped and shopped but found nothing to wear. NOTHING. Don't you hate that? You spend all that time and energy trying to find something that looks nice for Easter and nothing works. NOTHING. The look of frustration and exhaustion would have been a sight to behold!!

* Then there were just the everyday things.

Caroline going for a walk with my dad and both of them wearing one of his ball caps. Oh, so cute!

Mom and I fabric shopping for super cute brown animal print to go on her kitchen chairs! They look awesome! You would have loved to have seen them.

My brother coming home from working in the Garden Center at Lowes after 3 trucks of flowers came in for him to unload. Bless his heart! Ya'll have probably seen the ads on TV where they say there's enough for everyone! THEY ARE NOT LYING! I am pretty sure I have never seen a dirtier or more exhausted person. The picture WOULD have said it all!

And then this morning their next door neighbor was lying out in the SUN! Ya'll earlier this week it was freezing. FREEZING! And girlfriend was out there in a bikini. A picture would have proven it!!

Oh well, at least we enjoyed our stay and had  few adventures along the way. We are glad to be home with our daddy and excited to sleep in our own beds. Now we are looking forward to a special weekend of celebrating our Savior's sacrifice and resurrection! God is so amazing and He is so worthy of any and all praise that we can muster! Happy Easter friends. What a Savior!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Autism Awareness Day

Today is a day that probably seems like a normal day to most people. It is a day that is lived just like any other day.. running here and there, bills to pay,  laundry to do, dinner to make... just another day.

But to some today is such an important day. It's a day when moms and dads across America stand together and find unity among other families that deal with children with autism.

So many parents are being heard across America as they voice their need to insurance companies  for coverage as they face years of therapy, medications and assistance for their children.

Today a bill was introduced in Congress that will help to enhance the quality of life for those who deal with autism. This bill would include provisions for education past the age of 21. Current legislation allows for education to the age of 21 but once the individual "ages out" the families are on their own to help further their child's education, assistance and development. This bill would provide for housing, vocational skills and other needs that can be extremely expensive due to the nature of care that some with autism require. WHAT AN EXCITING DAY FOR THESE FAMILIES!!

Today also offers those with autism the opportunity to show who they are and how they are progressing and succeeding in spite of their disabilities. There are many children that deal with an inability to communicate in "normal" ways, but their abilities to draw, paint, sing and think are utterly amazing. It's truly a blessing to see what God can do in and through these lives.

As I write this I am preparing to go to a Women on Mission Fair where women in ministry will share with our community about the different ways that we are seeking to reach out with the love of Christ. I had to prepare a story board for our special needs ministry and I came upon a statistic that said, "The special needs population is one of the largest unreached populations in America when it comes to church involvement and acceptance." Today is a day to tell them that there IS a place for them in the church and that Jesus loves them unconditionally. I am so proud of our church for trying to play a small role in awareness!

Autism takes on many forms and affects many people in our country. It mainly affects boys, but more and more girls are being diagnosed. While they are uncertain of all of the reasons why autism strikes, and while there is no cure, they are definitely making more of an effort, now than ever before, to help families deal with this sometimes debilitating disability. I often look at students with autism and I know that something more lies behind those eyes. There are thoughts that long to escape. Words that want to be said and hearts that want to be heard. If only they could.

Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank you for the ability to see this day come as parents of children with autism have prayed for your hand to touch their children. Lord, it's a heavy load that they bear. It's difficult to live with a child that is unable to speak or communicate among other issues that their children face. It's hard to understand why these things happen, and yet we trust that You hold all things together and that Your will is best. Help us to reach out to those in need of a touch from You. Help us to minister to that mom or dad that is just exhausted from caring for that adult child for so many years. Give us a heart for those with all disabilities and show us how to come along side them and hold their arms up as they face one more day. Lord, You are so good. You are our Rock and our Fortress. You are the One who knows every heart and You see every life effected by this disability. You knit us together Lord so please help us to live this life to Your glory! Amen.