Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Randomness

It has been at least two weeks since I have been on the ‘ol blawg! Lots has happened… ok, lots of time has passed (it seems) and a little has happened since then.

The long and short of it? I got the flu.

The morning of my birthday I woke up with a fever and aching ALL over. My parents had planned to come for dinner. My friend was taking me to lunch. My mother-in-law was getting my little girly from school so I could have a day of fun… and I laid on the sofa. Oh, the doctor told me happy birthday and that was that!

We finally did get to have a little time with family and they were all so great! They listened to my wishes and gave me money so that my sweet hubby and I could go get this:
D3000 25462
I have been waiting a loooong time and saving, saving, saving so after I started feeling a little better (the flu lasted 8 days people!) my husband took me on a lunch date and we went to the camera store and … YAY!

This past weekend I just REALLY wanted to get away. I have been just so tired and cooped up in the house. Saturday was a perfect day to go to the mountains and practice taking some pictures with my new camera. I HAVE SOOO MUCH TO LEARN! But here’s my first attempt!

We hunted for waterfalls…
February 2011 011

February 2011 015February 2011 029

and played in the park..
February 2011 019

February 2011 022

It was a much needed time with family and time to just enjoy God’s amazing creation! After feeling so bad it was just great to get out and get some fresh air and laugh! Our little girly is so funny and we just had a great time making memories!
Saturday, February 12, 2011

It ALL Started WIth Headache

So this week we have lived in the land  of the sickness and can I just say that we are glad that this week is all done. ALL DONE I SAY!

Last Saturday little girlfriend went to run some errands with her daddy and when they returned she went straight upstairs to get her pillow and baby and she laid on the floor in the den. It was SATURDAY, people! The day that she wants to play on the computer and watch a thousand cartoons and go out to dinner. We knew we were in for it!

Sure enough.. next day we go to church and we pick her up from Sunday school. I wish I could have taken a picture of the pitiful little thing… she was pale and running a fever and THAT started the week.. an entire week of the blahs and fever and coughing and fever and coughing. Oh, it was miserable… for her!

Well, wouldn’t you know? One day while sitting on the sofa girlfriend coughs and she just sprayed me! “HURRY! GO wash your face if you want to survive!” my husband said. (He’s not usually dramatic, but that day it just came out! I laughed so hard at him! “Survive!?!”) I knew instantly that I was going to have some form of the crud and sure enough… here I sit. Coughing and with a very small voice. 

My husband is looking for a place to stay. He’s terrified he won’t survive.

So today… after a late breakfast and a nap we did some exciting things. You WILL be jealous.

1) We went to the dump. (Where I was SOO tempted to get this piece of furniture out of the receptacle because it looked like it had promise! Then my husband said it might have termites in it and that made my stomach flip so I stayed in the car. Ewww!)

2)We went to Target.

3)We went to a nursing home to visit a lady from our church.

4)We ate a salad at Panera.

Now, try to contain yourself! The sicklings are just some party animals!

Next week is going to be better! I just know it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Hate to Admit it But…

There are several things that I’d hate to admit that I do, but alas they are true…

I HATE that this woman … Photo

is driving me NUTS! Around here she’s affectionately known as “Cruella”. She is digging her own grave so she just needs to go! GET RID OF HER! I’m just sayin’!

I also hate to admit that I am SOOO excited!! This is FEBRUARY and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine’s Day! It has always been a special time to me and I just love to love on my sweet man and my little stink of a girlfriend!


I also hate to admit that the day after Valentine’s is my birthday and no matter how old I get I just LOVE to celebrate! I pray that every year the Lord is maturing me into who He wants me to be and I just love spending time with friends and family!

I also hate to admit that I am secretly hoping that I get  MONEY for my birthday because I have been saving and waiting a while to get a new fancy camera! Any time my family asks what I want I just say, “MONEY, PLEASE!” in hopes that they LISTEN! They are so sweet to me and they are probably tired of me talking about said camera… they are probably going to oblige me just to make me stop!

Friday, February 4, 2011

And WHY Did I Say That?


One thing that I am NOT loving about myself lately is how insecure I can be. I tell ya! I walk away from situations or conversations wondering if I did or said the right thing, if I hurt someone’s feelings or if I said the WRONG thing! I know that I am never going to be perfect and I know that God’s grace is sufficient for me… so why do I struggle with this so?? I have to admit that I go through times that are less insecure than others so this isn’t a constant battle, but it does come around every so often and I HATE IT!

I think that when you say that you are willing to step out and lead or take on a role that maybe you’ve never taken on before it’s natural to feel insecure and fear that perhaps you won’t do things the way others might expect. I teach pre-school music for the first time ever this year and while I have taught before, I’ve never taught music OR preschoolers so I am feeling my way through in dealing with parents, teachers and a new boss. It can all be a little intimidating and I sometimes wonder if I am doing it right! The kids are so young and when I taught before I taught  middle and high school so it’s a whole different ball game with little emotions and little needs vs. kids that are bigger than me and parents that are not expecting you to take care of their “baby”… if you get my drift!

I am also leading a women’s Bible study and I walk away from there every night thinking that I said too much or not enough or I took too much time on that one point or not enough on that one… UGH! It’s enough to drive you nuts! I take great comfort in the fact that BETH MOORE admitted the same feelings in the last video that we watched. If SHE’S insecure… I am DOOMED! 

Perhaps it’s just human nature to feel this way, bus I am usually pretty comfortable in my skin. (I wish there were less skin and that it were less wrinkled, but none the less… ) I know that eventually I will come out of it, but in the mean time… well, maybe I shouldn’t have burdened you with my issues!
SEE?!?! Oh, I need to lie down.
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Spring Preview

This past weekend we had some much needed warmer weather and sunshine! I was so happy to just feel warm for a change!

I have hung my favorite basket on my front door and added a little white ribbon so that it’s not SOOO springy yet!
One day as I walked in the door I noticed a sprig sticking up from the side of the basket. I pulled it and I yanked out an upside down nest!

I took the basket off the hook and looked inside…
A mama bird had not only built a nest and laid her eggs, but she had built a COCOON! They were all snug in their nest with a protective covering to protect them from the cold, and they are BEAUTIFUL! There are five eggs and one is blue but the others are different shades of pink! Caroline decided that those were going to be girls. She also worried, “She left them by themselves!? How will they take care of themselves?!” I reminded her that most mama birds are never far away and we should not touch the eggs just in case she’s watching!

She also asked, “But when will they hatch!? Is it time? It is cold out here mom! Shouldn’t we go in!?”

It made me think about God and how He sees us. We see this world as so cold and we feel like He’s really not paying attention. How will we EVER take care of ourselves?? But He has us nestled right under His wings and He has hedged us in on all sides to protect us from this world. He waits until just the right time to let us “hatch” into what He has for us and He’s only allowing certain things to filter through until it’s our time. Sometimes being still is so hard and waiting on His timing seems like an eternity. But in the the mean time He’s created something so beautiful and unique in each of us.

Oh, I don’t know… I don’t think it’s an accident that those baby eggs are hanging on my door for me to pass each day as I enter my home. I think God allowed that mama bird to make that nest for those little babies, but He has spoken over and over again through them to me..

“Be gentle.”

“Let them have their time.”

“There’s a mama bird who cares about those baby eggs.”

“Be patient.”

“Trust that My time is perfect.”

Interesting, isn’t it? How God pursues us. Don’t you just love Him?