Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She's At It AGAIN!


See that? She's done it again! Can't you hear an evil little laugh coming from that picture!!??! I can!

Girlfriend has confiscated my camera once again and just went to town! Let's see what all she found to take pictures of!


Her baby that she has had since she was born!

"Mom! I could NOT get her to smile!"



A random bear that was buried in the toy closet.

And then there's 72 pictures of our poor cat, Pepper. Bless his heart. He just wants to take a cat nap is all!

006 002

005 020 012


Notice how they are all taken in different places around the house? Well, he ran from her. IMAGINE THAT!

He's gonna need counseling.

THEN she was quiet. For like an hour I didn't hear her. You know that means something's up!

She had gone in the playroom and gotten all of the stuffed animals she owns and arranged them on her bed! THEN she took their picture!



When I finally went to check on her she wanted me to take her picture WITH the animal friends!


THEN there are the pictures of herself...




What is up with the piggy face?

I guess girlfriend needs her own camera for Christmas! Maybe I have a photographer in the making! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

IF ONLY I Had a Title....

HEY Ya"ll! I know that like 5 people read this, but hey to you five! :) You know, some is better than none. I'm just sayin'....

I don't have a title. I guess it's because this entry could go several different ways. There's lots going on in my life, but then again... when is there NOT?

It seems that the never ending SAGA... oh my word... it IS a saga... with our girl could almost have a blog of it's own. Moving to a new school is emotional... for her mother. She seems great about it. Imagine that! We took her there on Sunday and played on their playground and looked inside classrooms from the outside just to see what she thought. "I think this will be fun!" she said. Oh, how I PRAY!

Lately it has occurred to me that she may never outgrow some of the issues that she has. THAT has made me sad. I know that my God is able to do IMMESURABLY more than I think or imagine so there is hope. I also have to come to terms with reality and that is sometimes hard. ANYWAY! I could go on and on, but GOD is showing me that being in my own little world and not thinking about other things or other people is NOT a healthy thing.


IN other news... I am really excited about an opportunity that we have to serve at a dinner for unwed mothers this week. We have been going to their home once a month and feeding them dinner. NOW they are coming to our church for dinner and we are giving them gift bags, having a speaker and singing for them... it's gonna be FUN! I hope to have pictures next week, but you have to be careful about that type of thing. SOO... maybe I will just tell you about it!

If you think about it... and the Lord brings them to your mind... pray for them. There are some serious walls around these young girls and though they may have many needs... their greatest need is Jesus.

He's my greatest need too. :)

OH! Another really cool thing is that God is revealing more and more opportunities to minister to the special needs community! I am so excited about a potential mission trip and that our Sunday morning Sunday school class has taken off! I need to take pictures soon. They are PRECIOUS! You would not believe how sweet they are and how much their parents just love bringing them to church. How sad is it that churches have traditionally not had a place for people with special needs??? Man! That is a soap box that I could climb on for days!


Well, maybe soon I will have an organized, picture filled, fun blog entry. Until then... thanks for reading! ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

Happy Fall!!

As you know last week was Halloween and Caroline's school had Bible Character day on Friday. It was going to be a participation grade in Bible for her so she needed to participate. Well, if she HAD to dress up she would, but girlfriend was not in the dressin' up mood!


Is that not a pitiful smile? She stuck her tongue out and did that weak little grin and said, "I DID smile."


She decided to be our cat Pepper.

Yes, I did say it was "BIBLE CHARACTER DAY" and I am pretty sure 'ol Pep isn't found in the pages of scripture!

018 (2)

(You like his orange collar? Very seasonally stylish there Pepper!)

The kids could dress as animals on the ark so we decided to go that route since she would wear sweatpants and a shirt.  Just add ears, whiskers and a tail and you are good to go!


Oh, and she was a crippled cat because she fell and hurt her ankle. A booted black kitty went to school that day... and she was not too happy about it!

Well, the next night we had a Fall Festival at our church. We had talked for weeks about how she would dress up and go ride rides and play games and get good candy for mom and dad to eat!

The afternoon of the festival it started. "DO I HAVE to dress up? I don't want to dress up again, mom!"

I realized that we had 2 sets of kitty ears because she had been a tiger a couple of years ago. "HEY! What if we BOTH dress up? Then will you do it?" 


The smile here is because I threatened to tickle her if she didn't get that sour look off of her face. Notice the crossed arms? Yea, still not really buying it!

Come ON KID!


What a mama wouldn't do for her kid! 017

We are finally smiling! Well... sort of!



Here we are... all three kitties! Whew! THAT was work!

011 (2)