Friday, April 15, 2011

Events Unite!

Why is it that it seems to be all kinds of quiet for months and THEN EVERYBODY I KNOW gets together to plan major events in their lives?? AND they invite me to come! AND I want to go!!

1)It is spring break. YAY! THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUJAH THINE THE GLORY! I am a little happy.

2)At the end of spring break is Easter and I love Easter. I love time with both families and going to church and just celebrating our Savior’s death and resurrection. It is just a special time and my parents get really excited because we try to see them and my husband’s family in the same weekend.

3) At the end of spring break is ALSO my mama’s birthday. Now, you need to understand. This woman is ALL about seeing you “ON THE DAY.” That’s what she calls it. “I need to see you ON THE DAY.” Meaning that if your birthday is on Wednesday and you happen to live 2 hours from her she will take the day off of work and make a little 2 hour journey just so she can hug your neck and give you all manner of gifts. Could she wait until the weekend. Welllllll.. she COULD, but it would not be without much angst. 

You can imagine what it means for US not to see HER on “THE DAY” when it’s her “DAY.” You with me?

4) About a month ago we got a beautifully addressed (in wonderful calligraphy) envelope in the mail. It was from my husband’s cousin who we NEVER see. He lives in Alabama and we… don’t. We live 6 hours from Alabama.

HE’S GETTING MARRIED! YAY! He’s getting married!

Me- Really!? WHEN?

My husband- Easter weekend!

Me- Easter weekend?


My husband- Yes! And we are going, right? I mean he came to our wedding and supported us! It’s only right that we go and support him!

Me- Uummmm… yeah. It’s Easter AND mom’s birthday. Wonder how THAT’S gonna fly?

5)I called mom. I had to make a deal. WHAT IF… we went to see THEM for most of spring break and celebrated her birthday while we were there, came home (the day before THE DAY mind you) in time to get things ready to leave the next day and drive  6 hours?!? By cracky! It just might work!

Fortunately we worked it all out, but it was a little hairy there for a second. I would be so great if all of these people would check with each other before they scheduled life changing (or altering according to my mom) events!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

WHEN? Would Someone Shed Some Light?

When you begin to try really hard to eat right and work out every other day WHEN does the fat start to go away? Anyone?

Oh, I guess it takes longer than 2 weeks and I guess after you work out, get sore, work THAT out, go back and get more exercise of some sort, try to eat right and THEN eat cookies, drink sweet tea, and have a crescent roll with butter on it (that was heavenly!)  it kind of cancels it all out so you are right back where you started.

Am I right? Was that the longest sentence ever?

I don’t need to get rid of 5lbs. either. I need to get rid of like 50! It is so easy to get discouraged when you’ve TRIED so HARD!  Yeah. Whatever.

I really am trying to… TRY. I guess my clothes have felt a little smidge better than they did before I started this rigorous exercise and diet plan.

Ok, honestly here’s what I’ve done. I have tried to eat better. Like oatmeal for breakfast (filling and I like it) something other than a sandwich (bread) and no chips, etc. for lunch and then something sensible for dinner. And I’ve tried to drink more water. My problem is that by dinner time I am ready to eat MY HOUSE so I tend to clean my plate AND want dessert! Not that I am eating junk for dinner, but I want ALL that’s coming to me! Not really controlling my portions all the time.

I have also been trying to work out at least 3 times a week. I have done a toning class, been to the weight room where I ran/walked on the treadmill or elliptical and lifted weights and I have tried to run/walk outside.

The motivation for all of this?


Yes, the dreaded photo! This is just one of several that have been taken of me recently. My friend took this at a shower and when I saw it all I saw were my 2 chins (among my other 2 things!) and thought HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?! Something MUST be done!

Now, do not get me wrong. I am not down on myself. I am not super confident in my looks, but I am not lying on the sofa in a state of depression either. I am just tired of being the one that you’d describe to your husband, who has never met me, as “You know… she’s a little chubby and has curly hair (with bad roots! She could use a color job!)??”

The other thing? I am 41 and I have a 9 year old. I am not the youngest mom on the block and I have a ways to go to help this kid grow into who she needs to be. I do not want my health to start declining before it has to because I could not control how many brownies I ate! Sometimes when you have outside motivation it helps you try harder and stick to it.

ANYWAY! The journey has begun. I have not done as good today as I have in days previous. I didn’t exercise, I woke up late so I didn’t pack my lunch for work and I didn’t drink as much water. The good news!? Tomorrow is a NEW DAY! I can wake up ready to go and keep truckin’ one day at a time!

Anyone else on the same train? What are you doing that has helped?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ho Hum or Hallelujah!?

You ever have one of those days when you aren’t sad, but you aren’t especially yourself either? That is me today.

I have had the entire day to myself.  The Lord woke me up SUPER early (like 5:30! Hello! I didn’t know that was on the clock!) and I had a sweet time of reading His Word and praying.

Then little girlfriend wanted to be a little PILL this morning so that caused a little ripple, but we survived. She is usually fond of mornings, but only if she can do what SHE wants to do. You with the cat, watch cartoons, read a book of her choosing, lay around and ask a million questions while we try to get ourselves ready for the day (THIS drives me INSANE! DO NOT TALK TO ME IN THE MORNING! Please.). Anyway, we made it so that was fine.

Usually when I drop her off at school I am on GO! Clean the house, grocery shop, do laundry, run errands, make appointments, take the car to be serviced… it’s always something. I  have 2 days off so I usually try to make the most of my time alone, but there’s usually one thing that is missing… Even though I am alone I am not usually listening to the Lord. I am usually crowding Him out with all that I need to do and thinking about what’s next and moving to the next thing.

Today.. I wasn’t feelin’ it. The busy part I mean… I wasn’t on GO! It was like God was speaking to my spirit and telling me that He woke me up for a reason and He wanted me to listen today.

I moseyed myself back home after dropping girlfriend and her attitude at school. I came in the house and sat back down with my Bible for a little while. I did a load of laundry then sat back down… came to check e-mails and talked to a friend. I’ve done other things, but nothing like my usual break neck speed to get things done.  My in-laws even got girly from school for me so I have had extended time alone.

I don’t really feel like I have accomplished a lot, but I do feel like I have had some sweet fellowship with the Lord today. I have been quiet. I have prayed for some friends who are going through some very difficult times. I have journaled. I have listened. No T.V. or radio. Just me and God.

Do you ever have days like that? Do you feel that it is time wasted and regret not cleaning that toilet or doing that list of things that are looming or do you find rest in that day and find it a gift from God? I am trying to find it as the latter.

In this world that is so fast and so full of constant communication and drive it is sometimes hard to find quiet days as productive days. But God’s Word tells us to “Come, all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”Matthew 11:28. I mentioned some friends who are going through difficult times, and it has burdened my heart so much that I’ve hardly thought of anything else.  This time of prayer has been so good for me (and I pray they have felt it) as I have come to ask God to take it and work!

I also know that Gods’ Word says in Proverbs 31:27 that the Proverbs 31 woman “Watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”  I do not want to get into the habit of so enjoying these days that I don’t do what is necessary to help my home be what it needs to be for my family.

Oh, I don’t know. I was just wondering if those quiet days for you are just HO HUM! Or if they are HALLELUJAH!?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Here’s to Some People I Love!

We interrupt this laundry doin’, sheet changin’,  bathroom cleanin’ day to think about something a little more pleasant than a dirty house!

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary! YAY! I am so proud and happy for them!

I love that my dad plays the banjo and sings. I love that he cares about people and he never meets a stranger. I love that he’s never afraid to take a stand for what is right and I love that he loves Jesus! I love that he tears up when he walks into a sanctuary just because he can sense the presence of the Lord. I love that he can sing barbershop and that he knows so much about everything! I love that he’s creative and that he can build things with his hands.


I love that my mom is funny and fun and she’s stylish. She likes to dress up and look good and be girly! I love that she doesn’t think that anyone is better than anyone else, but that we are all the same so we need to respect that. I love that she loves to shop and that she wants the best for us all. I love that she prays for us and that she is always trying to help when there’s a need. I love that she is happy and that she doesn’t really ever complain. She’s just glad to be here and is ready to encourage us at anytime! I love that she’s pretty and that she has a good heart. I love that she loves Jesus!


Yesterday they went on a date to celebrate. I love that.

They went to a nice restaurant and while they were there mom gave dad a new wedding band. He lost his and mom wanted him to have one so she worked overtime to get it for him. Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

They went to a movie and they always hold hands. Dad’s legs are not good and mom helps him all she can.

Through out my life they have not been perfect parents. There have been times that we have been at odds with each other and they have certainly had their times that have not been easy, I am eternally grateful that they have stayed together and set the example for me and my family.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! I could not be more proud of you and the legacy that you are building for our family! Thank you for always being there and for never giving up on each other! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Smathering of Randomness

Sometimes I want to write an entry just to write an entry. It’s not that really anything exciting is going on, but LOTS of things are happening and sometimes I just don’t feel like I can share.. which keeps me from writing entries. Ya know? Are you VERY corn-fused now?

SO! Today is going to be just all over the place. Hang with me? Thanks.

Here’s what I mean about the “don’t feel like you can share” thing.. You ever go through times where you just feel like God is speaking (like STANDING ON YOUR FACE speaking so you know it’s STRAIGHT from Him?) but you can’t really tell anyone what He’s saying yet? That’s where I am this week. God is at work and He is bringing a new challenge my way, but it’s not time to say it out loud. If you know me… that’s HARD! I am a blabber mouth. Anyway, when God gives me the go ahead I am going to shout it from the roof tops, but right now it has to stay between me and Him. Lots of things that He needs to make clear before I can even understand it myself so I am WAITING. Be quiet and wait.. yeah, NEITHER are my strongest qualities. Guess He’s working in more ways that one! Ya think?

Don’t you LOVE God? He is so amazingly personal and keeps us on our toes. Whoever said that being a follower of Christ was boring must be stuck in a hole somewhere. It’s the biggest adventure of my life and I am FULLY aware that I am completely not equipped to do what He asks of me!! I have to be on my face everyday because… REALLY GOD?

This has been busy few weeks with a fun and sweet wedding to attend, a sweet shower for my friend’s niece and then family came into town for a night. All of that on top of normal school, work and church responsibilities PLUS a day of Occupational Therapy for my little girlfriend, and a night meeting at church thrown in makes for an exhausted Friday. That makes me tired just reading it. I am so happy to be at home tonight and just have tacos. You know.. it’s the simple things, isn’t it?

I am really excited that our little girly girlfriend is growing so much. Everyone that works with her  has commented on the progress that they are seeing. Occupational Therapy, Speech, Regular Ed. and Special Ed. folks have all said that they are very encouraged by the maturity and growth that they are seeing and that makes this mama of a kid with some special needs smile from ear to ear!! Another thing that has helped me gain some real perspective? I visited a school that is just for severe and profoundly handicapped children. THAT, my friend, will make you say, “Yes, my kid struggles with some stuff, but she can sit up and swallow and eat solid food and walk and talk and not wear a diaper… all at 9 years old.”  Oh, my heart just went out to those parents as I thought about what we deal with on a daily basis and how it does NOT compare to what they must deal with.

Again, God at work …on my self-centered self. Just a little reminder that He’s in control is all.

Well, I hope YOU are doing well! Hopefully the next entry will be full of news that I can share!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cheap AND Cute? I’ll Take It!

A few weekends ago my family met me in a small town that is almost halfway between where we live and they live. We do that sometimes after church just to get to spend a little time together.

They have a great shopping area and we went to Pier One and shopped around a little.  I found the cutest salt and pepper shakers!


Are they NOT adorable? AND… here’s the best part.. they were $3 and they were not even on sale! FOR THE SET! You better believe I snatched those little cuties up in a second!

They go perfect with my d├ęcor and I can leave them out all the time! LOVE THEM!


It’s a little sad when you get so excited about salt and pepper shakers, isn’t it?