Monday, October 25, 2010

The Nudge

This past weekend a group of girls and I went to sing for the Salvation Army Women's Shelter. As a group we were very conscience of the fact that this was going to be different from any opportunity that we'd had before. We wanted so much to be able to reach out to the women and children in the shelter and we prayed that the Lord would use the music to break down walls so that we would have the opportunity to share about God's amazing love and salvation.

That morning, before I went to meet the other girls, I was getting my shower and contemplating what to wear. It was like I wanted to look my best, but at the same time God nudged me. "Leave your engagement ring at home." I didn't really understand, but it became heavily impressed on me to wear jeans and a t-shirt and not too much jewelry. Thing is...  I kept my engagement ring on!!! I suppose, out of habit, I just continued to get ready and didn't think another thing about what the Lord had specifically said.

We arrived and set up our sound, ran through the songs and prayed. They opened the doors and a line of women and children entered the cafeteria where they would have a meal and we would sing. Immediately one of the girls that sings beside me said, "Oh, my heart is so heavy for them. I don't think I can do this."

As the women and kids began to get their food and sit down to eat we began to sing. There were some upbeat songs and some of them clapped and sang with us. Others looked so down trodden and desperate that they didn't even look up. We began to get some of the children to come up and give us high five's and they wanted to sing in the microphones. We taught them some words and let them sing.

One little boy... probably around 5-6 years old kept coming to me and smiling this huge smile. He kept wanting to sing in my mic and then he said it. "WOW! Look at THAT RING! It's BIG!"

Oh, my heart just sank. God reminded me RIGHT THERE that I had been disobedient and that I had ignored His nudge. Instead of hearing the words of the songs about forgiveness and mercy that little boy had seen my ring!!! I stooped down and told him that Jesus loved him very much and that He had a plan for his life. I hid my ring out of sight and desperately tried to make him hear that no matter what he was loved by a Heavenly Father that could give him much more than rings or pretty temporal things.

Later in the weekend I heard a speaker on Christian radio talking about the nudges that God gives us. He said that often times they are one sentence, but very specific nudges and we are wise to obey even when we don't understand. God really convicted me that He had specifically given me an instruction and that I had chosen not to hear it and act on it immediately.

I am forever telling my daughter to LISTEN THE FIRST TIME! It hurts my heart when she blatantly disobeys me when I know that she has heard my instructions. I can only imagine that my Heavenly Father felt the same way as I obviously disobedient to His command. The wonderful thing about it all is that God still speaks to His children, and though I am not always obedient, He still forgives and He still uses us to do His work.

Maybe God is telling you to do something. Maybe you are sensing a nudge. I pray that you will not be like me, but that you will hear and act immediately. His ways are not our ways and His plans are not our plans. We don't always need to understand, but we DO need to obey the nudge.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Catchy Title Goes Here

I don't really know what the title is... probably something about randomness. That's pretty specific, huh?

 There really isn't much to write about this week. Other than the HACK, HACK, HACKING cough that I've had ALL ding-dong week! Everytime I cough in my husband's presence he shakes his head and says, "uh uh. stop now." in his driest tone. It's actually pretty funny. He's as tired of hearing it as I am of doing it!

Those little pre-schoolers and their cute runny noses is who I blame. One day just passed the tissue box around the circle then made everyone have a dab of hand sanitizer. ALL 12 of THEIR TINY NOSES were running of their little faces! Bless!

This week in pre-school a little girl told me that she had made up a song. (I teach music.) I said, "Oh, really!?" Let me hear it!  She sang "I am a catepillar, cute as can be. Wonder what color butterfly I'll be?"
I thought that was VERY creative and precious. THEN another girl raised her hand and said, "I know a song!" I told her to let me hear hers too. She sang, "You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes...."
ALRIGHTY THEN!!! Moving on... moving on!

We have a pretty busy weekend of a birthday party, a hayride and singing so I think it's going to be fun! I just hope I don't HACK, HACK, HACK the whole time!!

Maybe my title should have been more specific. Something like Cougharama... or Coughing and Cuteness??
Have a good weekend! HACK!
Monday, October 18, 2010

The Almost Done Re-do!

Things are not completely done in my year long quest to redo the play/bonus room, but we are making progress and I am SO EXCITED with how things are going that I just could not wait to share!

First we started with bead board. We have 2 doors in the alcove area that really stood out (and were a HUGE KID MAGNET!) because they are painted white. Every time you walked into the room your eye went to those doors.  We had to fix that!

Next was paint because the color was this beigey-pinky-peachy color. I recently had someone give me a plaid sofa that has an off white color in it and it was NOT the color of the walls.  I can't really afford to change the sofa right now (like with a slip cover) and FREE IS FOR ME so we kept the sofa  and decided that it would have to work!

Here's the new bead board and the paint before... with a few samples splattered on:



And here's the new khaki brown that we painted:


I wish I had a really good camera so that you could see the color. It looks so much warmer and... just better!

Next, I wanted to change the lighting a little. I went on a search for a CHEAP light fixture and Voile'! I found it!


It was ugly brown with a piece missing from the candle on the far right, but it was $29. I knew I could add a little paint and some other stuff and we'd make it work!

The other issue that we had was that the light fixture that was already there was a canned light. That means a big hole that can't support another light fixture unless you convert it.

010 (2)

Well, Lowe's has a fix-it kit! We worked to install it and then got on with the light redo:


Yep! I hung it in the tree in my front yard and went to town with a can of spray paint! The neighbors just stared, but who cares!? It totally changed the look of the light and it dried pretty quickly in the sun!

That week I was in a store that had some really adorable (AND SUPER EXPENSIVE)  lights in it. There was one light that had 5 arms (like mine!) and they had embellished it with feathers and "jewels"!! It was $300!! Oh my word!! But, I totally loved it so I decided to duplicate it.

I went to Hobby Lobby and got a white boa and some pearly Christmas garland for about $14 total. I cut and hot glued the boa and garland to fit and added the light bulbs and here's the finished product:

031 (2)

The total cost was only around $45 by the time you added the fixture, paint and fancies... I'll take that ANY day over $300! And it probably saved my marriage... I'm just sayin'...

We also had another cute light that had been in my daughter's room. We thought it would be good to have a light on her new desk, but didn't want to buy something new. We decided to that the pink light would not go:


So I painted the base brown and kept the blue bow:


On the same $29 light shopping trip I found a really adorable quilt top that I just loved!! It wasn't that expensive and it just screamed character to me. I wanted something super cute and shabby as a window treatment, but, again, it needed to be super cheap! I am not sure that this will stay this way, but for now... I like this:


Over the summer we took some cute pictures that I had never printed so I spend .45 each on the prints then went to IKEA and got $5 frames to make a picture wall.

025 (2)

This isn't finished, but I love the look and I can't wait to add to it!

So.. the ALMOST finished alcove looks like this:


So far the paint and bead board have been the most expensive things that we have purchased for the room. The desk and sofa were given to us and I have been reusing things in our house along with cheap pictures and frames to help complete the look that I wanted.

I am so happy with how things are fitting together and I can't wait to show you the rest of the room! The plaid couch will have to stay, but it could be worse! I could be sitting on the FLOOR! It's not terrible... it's navy and beige. It could be some CRAZY color scheme!! (I'm trying to get use to the plaid.. can you tell?!?!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turkey Day Quandry

You might remember that I am currently the pre-school music teacher for the preschool at our church. Oh. My. Heavens. You probably have never seen such cuteness in your entire life. Today I wore my hair curly and one of the boys said, "HEY!What's up with your hair? It's funny!" Love it.

We are having such a good time in Music and Move It! We are playing instruments, playing with hula hoops, singing songs and being down right silly people! I promise I have never, EVER, sung "Deep and Wide" so many times in my entire life. They love it and I love them so it's totally worth it!

And I wear jeans and tennis shoes. AND I get paid a little. How can you beat it? Cuteness, "Deep and Wide", jeans AND payment. I'll take it.

Well, as the preschool music teacher I am responsible for a preschool Thanksgiving program. We are learning 3 songs and the kids are just the cutest things singing "Oh, I'm glad I'm not a Turkey!" Problem is, I have like 5.2 minutes of the program covered with those 3 songs!! Parents and grandparents will be in attendance. We need a little more don't you think?  You creative folk out there got any suggestions?

I am pretty sure we will have a pastor from our church come to say a few words, and we definitely want to  present the gospel since we owe ALL thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  I  just gotta figure out how to make the program God honoring and ADORABLE all at the same time. I am sure God will show me. He's pretty amazingly creative Himself!

Here is another thing... I need a  nap almost every day after I leave the wild people... I mean preschoolers. They are precious, but MAN! They can wear ya out! AND I am wearing out a can of Lysol. Bless their little runny noses!
Monday, October 4, 2010

The Next Decorating Step

Well, I am here because the spackling is drying in the playroom!I am really happy that the bead board is up and now needs a nice coat of semi-gloss white to make it shine! I am also excited to be applying 2 shades darker than this...


to my walls! I like this color apparently because when I put it on the wall in the playroom... it totally matched the hallway right outside! So... I went 2 shades darker and I am LOVING IT! It's enough contrast to make it a little different, but I think it will blend nicely with the rest of the house!

I also found a quilt top that I can't wait to show you all (and my sister-in-law had a fab-u-lous idea for it so I hope I can make it work!) and a light for $29. It's quite ugly right now, but YOU JUST WAIT! I have visions of paint and dangly, sparkly things hanging from it's ugliness to make it ALL Beautified!

The house still looks like a yard sale, but we are making progress. I am working now, too, so things are going MUCH S-L-O-W-E-R... these days, but it's progress none the less. I'll take it.

We are having dinner here for several couples on Oct. 16th so that gives me a deadline. I do well with deadlines. AND the fact that friends can't come for dinner with the Sanford and Son theme song playing in the background!

Thanks to my friend Faith for helping me with some words on my header! It turned out cute and so WELCOME TO THE NEW LOOK!

Oh, the washer? Still. Not. Fixed. Could you just shake a repair man for me if you see one around town? Any one will do. The part is RUMORED to be in by tomorrow. I washed panties in the sink.

Have a lovely day! Pictures soon to come! :)