Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 4th Grade Teacher Called it a "DEST"...

I have a few friends who are really good at refinishing furniture to make it look shabby-chic...


My friend Cindy had this old desk in her garage and she was just tired of it so she GAVE it to me!

FREE, PEOPLE! FREE!!! Have MERCY! It's a blessing from the Lord I tell ya!

You probably remember that I have been contemplating redoing Caroline's room and making it a little more grown up for her. This desk done in shabby chic style would be SOO cute! She already has a white iron bed and I've shared before that this is my inspiration pic...


I think a white desk and white bed with green walls and bedding (with a touch of pink somewhere) would still be girly and so pretty!


It has these old drawer pulls and the little locks that older desks use to have (so it has character!)  and it is HEAVY! I am thinking that she may regret giving up this little treasure!


So I have my sander (that my daddy used to make my bedroom furniture!) and I have discussed the process with my friends so I think I am ready to give it a go! Fingers crossed!! If they can do it I can do it! Right?!?!?

Pray for me. And the dest.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Impressed!

For a few months now I have REALLY wanted to redo my blog design, but I have NO extra funds to do such a thing! Yesterday I signed on to read other people's stuff and I saw that Blogger had a new "design" tab! I started playing around and I like the choices that they have and how easy it is to make your blog have a more custom look! This header is actually one that my friend Faith made for me a while back and I still love it so I decided to use it again! How about that argyle background!?!? Now that they have options you just never know!! I may have a new design every week! HAPPY BLOGGIN' ya'll!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's the Matter You?

You ever have one of those weeks where you are just sad for no apparent reason? Well, GIRL... this has been one of those weeks for ME!  I mean I was standing in my pantry unloading groceries the other day and just started crying!! Right by myself. Standing in the pantry putting up the green beans... I just started to cry.

Now let me tell ya... I am not a big crier. I mean, things can sometimes make me tear up, but it doesn't happen really often. A sweet comment from my daughter or husband will sometimes do it. Worship at church USUALLY does it! Of course, sad news or a burdened heart... but putting up groceries... UH! No. I'm just sayin'.

I cried while doing my quiet time each and every morning! I cried at my daughter's OT visit and her OT thought I needed a hug. I am sure I looked like I did. Maybe I needed OT! Who knows?

I did mention my condition to my husband who was PRECIOUS. You know, men don't get the whole, "I don't know why I'm crying! I just am" thing. He, however, hugged me extra hard and long everyday, e--mailed me during the day and and let me know that he was praying for me before he left each morning. I'd say that's pretty good for someone that's probably rolling their eyes behind my back! (hee hee!) BLESS HIS HEART! He was great!

Some of my friends asked, "Is it hormones?" I'm 40 people. I guess it very well could be.

Truth is... I have no clue. No one had hurt my feelings. No one had made me mad. No one did ANYTHING to me. I guess I just needed a weepy week.

I did try a couple of things... asking friends to lunch, shopping, cleaning and organizing. Those things helped some, but truthfully one thing helped  the sadness come to an end.


One of my friends sent me a text and told me to go right to Psalms 80 and begin to read. It truly lifted my spirits and helped to refocus my attention on the things that are not of this world! But the most precious thing that happened was when that same friend called and read scripture on my voicemail and then prayed out loud for me. Of course that made me tear up again, but for an entirely different reason! These were grateful, happy and encouraged tears!

I'd say that I learned a valuable lesson this week about being a friend. Saying that I will pray for you is good. Giving you scripture to read is even better, but actually calling you and letting you hear the scripture penetrate your mind and heart and then praying FOR you right then and there... now THAT is friendship.

God, sometimes we don't understand why we do the things that we do. Sometimes life is hard. I praise You that you give us Your Word that inspires us to look beyond the immediate circumstances or feelings and into Your eternal truths. Thank you for friends that are willing to take the time to breathe those truths into us when we can't see through the tears to read it for ourselves. Please help me to be that kind of friend to others, Lord. Help me to look past my own stuff and encourage others in theirs! You are God over all of us and we PRAISE YOUR NAME!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Couple 'a Good Finds!

A few weeks ago I decided to stroll through the Salvation Army store just to see what I could find. Usually they have old furniture that I can't use and clothes! I decided that it might be worth a shot, though, since I have been trying to change things up a bit in my house without spending a lot of money!

I walked around for a little while when I came upon this:



It was lying in a mingled mess of a bunch of other random plates and dishes and there was only one.

I painted my kitchen blue a couple of years ago and I thought this plate matched it perfectly! I love the flowers in the middle that pick up some of the other colors in my den (which is right off of my kitchen) so I decided to buy it. I picked it up... 99 cents people!! I added the $1 plate holder and ribbon and I think it looks really good! You can't really tell it in this picture but it is a little larger than a typical plate... like a small platter! Not bad for 99 cents!

Another thing that I have always liked in my friend Lisa's house is how she used a sconce to put lotions and candles beside her pedestal sink in her bathroom. Since there is limited space on the sink you need something, but a powder room is usually pretty small and the wall space is sometimes limited.  I ran across this neat little shelf that goes great in my downstairs bath:


I found it at Old Time Pottery for $7! Woo hoo!! It allows me to have a couple of extras that I might not otherwise have since there is no counter in this bathroom. I love it!

Now that summer is approaching I am making a LONG list of things to do. I am excited to have some more "at home" time and eager to get some things done!

Do you have a long list of things to do? What are some of them? You just might help me add to mine!

Monday, June 7, 2010

No Way! NINE!?!?

Here's how it happened! 


On June 1st nine years ago I went to the doctor. After waddling my way to the car that I drove to pick up my husband at work (yep.. it was a little backwards)  we went with a little trickle of a water break to the doctor's office...


... where the nurse told me to sneak me a bite of lunch before heading to the hospital because I was going to be there for a while!


We didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl, but I  always had my suspicions!




I really wasn't so surprised when they said, "Mrs. Guinn, it's a girl!" After all, I was big as a HOUSE and carried my weight all over my body! Somehow I knew that this unknown but precious child that I had carried (uncomfortably!) for 9 months to the day would be a girl.


I was surprised, however,  to see that she had a head full of BLACK hair and not one curl was in sight!


It was a painful wait when we learned that she would be in intensive care for 19 days as she recovered from pneumonia and a floppy voice box. I am pretty sure that I have never cried or prayed so hard in my life!


But God in His sovereignty gave us one sweet, funny, smart, and beautiful little girl!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRL! We praise God for you every single day! You are growing and maturing so much and we are proud of the hard work that you have put in to be where you are today!