Monday, January 24, 2011

Something Fun

Lately I have tried to figure out inexpensive ways to give gifts. It seems that lots of people that I know are graduating, having babies or getting married. I love giving gifts and I like to give things that are unique but right now we just don’t have the extra funds.

One day, while looking through blogs, I saw a super cute idea but now I can’t remember who did it! A blogger had taken old sheet music and she had sewn fabric letters to it (somehow!) to make a very cute and personalized gift. I started thinking that I had some fabric and some stencils so maybe I could do a variation of her idea.

One of my former students is getting married in March so she was my first experiment!  I had no idea what colors she was using so I just went with black and white…


When she opened it at the shower on Saturday she was so excited to have her new initials in a frame and her kitchen is going to be black, white and green!

I decided to make one for my office so I just made a “G” in the colors that I like..


… and we have  a friend with a new baby so I decided to make one for her room as well.

I am still playing around with it, but it’s fun and fairly easy to make. I think there’s nothing quite like fun fabrics, monograms and ribbon to personalize your home!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What’s He GONNA DO?

Hello friends!
I hope you’ve all had a great week! I tell ya… we’ve been busy around here, but it’s been all good! One of the most exciting things that happened is a group of women at our church FINALLY started this study…
We were suppose to start a week ago, but the snow and ice caused it to be postponed a week. I had been reading and preparing and was ready to start when the snow hit so waiting a week just prolonged the anticipation! It has been a while since I’ve lead a study and the day that the study was to begin I just had butterflies!
I had gotten word that a couple of ladies from a local rehab facility would be joining me and the other ladies and I was SOOO EXCITED! (Still am for that matter!) There is nothing in this world quite like seeing God work in the lives of those around you. I know what a difference He makes in my life and how He’s changing me everyday, and I know that He is already working in their lives so it’s just a privilege to be with them as He continues to work and change all of us!! We are all in different places in life and we all have struggles so this journey is going to be something that is going to transform our lives and I am sooo ready!
Another thing that excites me is that the study has been revised and I just could not wait to see how God spoke anew to Beth Moore and how He’d speak to me! I’ve only done the first two days of study and I am already just eager to run ahead and study myself silly!
I don’t know. I think we come to places in our lives where we sometimes feel like our wheels are spinning. It helps so much to get into something like this with other women and just hash it out! Maybe we don’t do it all publicly but we can hear the same truths and know that God has a plan for us where we are. Somehow being reminded of that gives us the extra push that we need to press on! Well, at least it does for me!
If God puts it on your heart to  pray for me and these ladies I’d just love it! I am a little intimidated by this and yet excited to be along for the ride. Thankfully the results don’t depend on me in the least so just pray that I will have the endurance to press on and be what God calls me to be. I wonder what He’s GOING TO DO?!? Oh, I can’t wait to find out! Smile
Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Got IT!

I am so excited!! I have been waiting since Christmas to get to pick up a new one of these at Target!


After THREE LONG days of sitting in my house with a sassy girlfriend I was finally able to take her to school today and head to see if they’d come in… AND THEY DID!

My mom and dad gave me a gift card for Christmas because apparently there was not one Kindle in the southeast to be found! Mom said she went back over and over to see if they had them and they never did so she just had to settle for a gift card.. which was fine with me!

I can’t wait to use it and make time for more reading. I need to read. It’s so cool because it has children’s books that you can download, and I know it will encourage the little girl in this house to read more too. You can download magazine subscriptions, newspapers (not that I read newspapers!) and even blogs! Well, I think they are strictly Amazon blogs, but it’s cool, huh!??

Does anyone else have a Kindle? What have you liked about it and what would you recommend I read? I like novels and I enjoy reading period pieces sometimes. It’s important to me that it’s clean  and I’d love some really good Christian authors. It has been a while since I’ve read a good book so I am excited to hear what you think!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

THAT is QUITE Enough!

Well, it’s happening, I am afraid. This little girl…005

is growing up. And with that growth comes a sassy mouth that is inevitably going to get her into a LOT of trouble.

The other day we were in the grocery store and girlfriend was in a MOOD! She told her dad and me that she was looking for a new family… right there in the store. We were trying so hard not to laugh, but she was determined that she “has the worst life ever and she’s going to stay mad!” Alrighty then.

What am I going to do with this one? You know, her dad was perfect. Just ask his mom! But me… well, let’s just say that everyone says that they know where she gets it! COME ON PEOPLE! I have no idea what you are talking about.

Why is it that things have to be this way? It seems that no matter what type of home you try to raise them in kids just have to go through some fit pitchin’, back taklin’, ugliness! (Well, apparently not my husband, but every one else on the planet! By the way, this is a joke amongst the family so I’m not throwing him under the bus!He’s precious, but REALLY doesn’t get the whole fit pitchin’ thing.)

Anyway, that is where we are right now with Miss Priss. She’s currently in her room for talking back. She said, “And I’m NEVER coming out!” I might arrange it. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Random-y Randomness

Today is a snowday so we are all at home. We’ve had pancakes and done laundry and are getting ready to go out to play! I can not believe how much snow is coming down! After all! We do live in the SOUTH! It’s beautiful though and I love to see what God can do! He’s AMAZING! 096

You might be wondering why this font is big and my last entry was kind of small (and hard to read!). Over Christmas our computer crashed and everything has had to be restored and redone. I lost my settings so I have been playing around. Maybe one day I’ll get it right!

This week I am preparing to lead this Bible study at our church…


I am so excited because this is THE study that changed the way that that I understood God’s relationship with His people and how Jesus is so amazingly intertwined into history in it’s entirety. It has been years since I’ve studied the tabernacle and I am a different person now. I can not wait to see what God has in store for me and the other women in this study! Just in preparing for this God has already spoken to my heart. I know that He will use the women that attend the class in some amazing ways as we all grow in our relationship with Him.

In other news… You might remember this little guy…


I was REALLY hoping we could keep him for Christmas! Then reality hit and we just knew that we could not afford another animal right now. He’s really tiny and just adorable and I’d love to have him, but my friend still has him and is trying to find him a home. We were a little sad, but we would want to give him a great home and take care of all of his needs. We just can’t afford it right now so we  had to say no. BOO HOO!!!!!!

I have an exciting new little crafty thing that I am working on. I can’t wait to show you! It involves some of my favorite things… ribbon, initials/monograms and cute and fun fabrics! Maybe after playing in the snow I can work on it and that can be my next post!

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The No-Resolutions Resolution

I REALLY do not like to make New Year’s Resolutions. I get really aggravated at myself and feel like a total failure every year that I try to make one because I get started and then by February I quit. I have tried to make all of the typical ones… lose weight (that’s the biggest!),…
be in my Bible more, watch less T.V.,… you know.. all of the typical things that people say they are going to do… I’ve done!
Well, last week I sat down to have my quiet time and I was at one of those places where I didn’t really know where I was going to read. I was thinking about resolutions and what God would have me do so I I just turned to the Psalms and started looking through.
As I read the first verse of Psalm 23 I saw it…”The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want..”  The Lord said to me,” This year why don’t you TRUST that I will lead you AND you will not be in want!
I read Psalm 24:1 “The Earth is the Lord’s and all that it contains, the world and those who dwell in it..” Again it was like God was saying “TRUST ME! I am in control. You can’t control what others do or say but I CAN so just TRUST ME!”
Then Psalm 25:1 says “To YOU, O Lord, I lift up my soul.”
I can TRUST You Lord with my very SOUL! I do not need to be afraid but completely know that You are in control.

I kept reading the first Psalm of the next few chapters and it was apparent to me that I now had my assignment. I do not know what lies ahead and I have already had a couple of challenges this year where I have HAD to trust that the Lord because I can’t control others and I have to know that He will provide for my home. This year I do pray that my walk with Jesus is like never before. More and more my personal walk is deepening and I cherish the times that I have with Him while no one else is around.
So! This year will be a “No Resolution Resolution”  kind of year. Not a year where I decide what I will resolve to do, but a year where my resolution has been assigned to me. I do much better with assignments anyway! I look forward to what God has for me in the coming year so let the changes begin!
Monday, January 3, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas season and enjoyed time with family and friends!

For us this has been a family Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we went to my in-law's to spend the day. It was really nice and we enjoyed spending time with family and attending our church's first ever Christmas Eve service! It was PACKED and so wonderful to have all of our family together to worship.

Here we are after the service. Doesn't girlfriend look THRILLED!? HA! MERRY CHRISTMAS KID!
We were able to spend time with our almost 2 year old niece, Taylor.

She is such a cutie and is growing up so much!

I was very excited to get money from my in-laws because they know that I am looking for a new camera. I always love finding the really small boxes with my name on them because I know that there's some much needed funds inside! Caroline got a pillow pet that she'd been asking for and she just squeeled when she opened it!

That night we came home and got ready for SANTA! Our family really tries to put the emphasis on Jesus and the fact that the REAL reason that we celebrate is that HE CAME FOR US. Usually we wrap the majority of our gifts and they are from my husband and me, but there's always that "What's Santa gonna bring you?" question so we leave a few things to put out for Christmas morning.
Here's "the big" surprise...

This year Caroline wanted a doll house! She was really excited when she came down the stairs and saw this (still in the box) and was ready to put it together. Later she opened 5 rooms to go inside so we played all kinds of make believe with her new house...

She is also such a typical kid and would rather play in the box than with the gift!

Then, we waited anxiously for MIMI to arrive because MIMI brings the never ending bags of goodies! I wish I had taken a picture of our tree before and after Mimi and PawPaw arrived! Oh heavenly days!

We read the Christmas story, opened gifts and had dinner and then we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus around our traditional Birthday Cake!
This year Jesus got hot pink icing and pink candles! I am sure He doesn't mind!!

That night it started to snow so we all enjoyed time together just talking and drinking coffee and Hot Cocoa.

The next day we went outside for a while to play in the snow. Even Mimi and PawPaw got in on the fun!

Nice tongue concentration there Mimi!

There are so many things that I am thankful for this holiday. My family is definitely (well, besides Jesus!)  the biggest. I know that I am very blessed to have each one of them in my life and I am thankful that we got to be together! We have our flaws and we don't always see eye to eye but over all I do not know where I'd be without each one.