Oh the Photo Ops!

Look at this picture... do you see anything unusual? Really look!


No? Well, let's just pull in for a close up!


One day I walked into my office and that crazy cat was just sitting there, behind the photos, staring at me! CREEPY to say the least!! In the first one he's still there... but he put his head down as I snapped the picture. Oh my word... he fits right in with the rest of us!

One night we were trying to take Christmas card pictures, but everyone was tired. My husband laid down on the floor and said, "Here, will this do?" OH! It just made me mad! WELL! I showed him! Caroline and I laid on each shoulder and TA DAAAA! :) This picture is on our card! That will show him!!!


This was another attempt at Christmas card pictures, but Caroline would NOT stand up straight! We tried and tried to get her to stand up, but over...


and over again... girlfriend laid her head on the rail. UG! 


SOOO we just took one without her!


(We later found out that she was coming down with bronchitis! Yay for me fussing at her!)

Here are a few pics of my in-laws too.. it's always fun to try to take pics with kids, babies and dogs!


This one turned out the best! Even the dog smiled.


Rebecca Jo said…
I totally jumped a little when I saw the eyes in the background... kitty caught me off guard!!! :)

What cute pictures. The upside down picture is great! The one of the two of you is a FANTASTIC picture!
JenB said…
Totally didn't see the cat at first. That thing is a goofball! DOES fit in at your house! ha!

I kind of like the pics with C on the rail. Shows her personality. :) And look how cute Taylor is!
Faith said…
I did not see Pepper at all in that first pic...cats are so funny!

Sweet pics of such a sweet family! I cannot believe how big Taylor is. And, my word, she is a doll baby!

Love you all!
Bella Michelle said…
Kitties...they are crazy (I know ours are!!!).

BTW, I am just impressed that you got Christmas cards out as I didn't (hoping for New Years!!!).
prashant said…
She is a fun girl, for sure, and brings joy to all that she is around. Love you all!

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