Friday, March 16, 2012

Let’s Just Be Honest

This month has been one of the hardest months in recent history for me and for people that I love. Honestly, I hate it.

There has been destruction, loss of homes, and families displaced from the result of a tornado. There has been illness and surgeries to remove cancer. There has been a death of a precious 18 year old that many loved. There is mental illness and subsequent health issues surrounding that. There are financial needs that are not being met and people struggling to keep their homes. There is divorce because someone cheated and now a woman is alone with her kids. And the list could grow and grow and grow…

There is too much.

It’s too much to think about and it’s too hard to understand.

I guess I’d love for every post to be fun and funny and happy and about trivial things, but reality isn’t always like that, you know?

It’s hard. It reaches deep within you and it’s not easily overcome. It seems that healing just begins in one way and then another wave comes and crashes in.

It’s hard but there is one thing that I know for sure…

Our ONLY hope is Jesus.

You can say all that you might about time healing all pain and give well wishes, but the truth is that if we are not seeking God and His healing hand of power and strength in this world it, and all of it’s problems will choke the life from us. We are only human and our hearts and minds can only take so much. HE, ALONE, is able to carry us through times like these and without Him… well, there really is no hope.

I know that those who do not know Christ as Savior roll their eyes and want to say that they will pick themselves up by their bootstraps, move on and be ok. But I wonder… when they are alone.. when they go to bed at night… where does their hope come from?

Honestly, my heart has hurt too much to put it into words. All I know is that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 If He allows these things then somehow, and I don’t always understand, something good will come from it. I pray for those who do not know Christ and for those who mourn without hope. My heart breaks for those dealing with such overwhelming circumstances that they don’t know how they will stand.

If we don’t tell them about the hope of Christ how will they EVER know?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Wish Part 2

I wish my yard didn’t have so many weeds. And that I knew how to be a good yard person.

I wish people would think about how they treat others. The effects they have. The hurt or joy they can potentially bring with just a word or action.

I wish I read my Bible more.

I wish dessert wasn’t fattening.

I wish I couldn’t tell over the phone that my parents are aging.

I wish people I love didn’t hurt. Or anyone for that matter.

I wish we would take God at His Word. His Truth as truth.

I wish things didn’t cause us to be insecure about who we are. We were bought at a price. I wish we didn’t forget that.

I wish I could find cute AND comfortable shoes.

I wish I could see into the future at times. At times I wish I could change the past. I’m glad I know the One who holds both in His hands.

I wish my car were clean.

I wish my daughter could do math as well as she can read. Not for my sake, but for hers.

I wish that little kids didn’t have to suffer for the choices of the big people in their lives. They have no defense but to rely on us to take care of their little lives. I wish we’d put them first.

I wish there were more hours in the day so I could get everything done for once!

I wish every thought, action and word in my life honored and glorified Christ. All too often I fall short.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

I wish I could impact the world around me for Christ.