Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

Happy Fall!!

As you know last week was Halloween and Caroline's school had Bible Character day on Friday. It was going to be a participation grade in Bible for her so she needed to participate. Well, if she HAD to dress up she would, but girlfriend was not in the dressin' up mood!


Is that not a pitiful smile? She stuck her tongue out and did that weak little grin and said, "I DID smile."


She decided to be our cat Pepper.

Yes, I did say it was "BIBLE CHARACTER DAY" and I am pretty sure 'ol Pep isn't found in the pages of scripture!

018 (2)

(You like his orange collar? Very seasonally stylish there Pepper!)

The kids could dress as animals on the ark so we decided to go that route since she would wear sweatpants and a shirt.  Just add ears, whiskers and a tail and you are good to go!


Oh, and she was a crippled cat because she fell and hurt her ankle. A booted black kitty went to school that day... and she was not too happy about it!

Well, the next night we had a Fall Festival at our church. We had talked for weeks about how she would dress up and go ride rides and play games and get good candy for mom and dad to eat!

The afternoon of the festival it started. "DO I HAVE to dress up? I don't want to dress up again, mom!"

I realized that we had 2 sets of kitty ears because she had been a tiger a couple of years ago. "HEY! What if we BOTH dress up? Then will you do it?" 


The smile here is because I threatened to tickle her if she didn't get that sour look off of her face. Notice the crossed arms? Yea, still not really buying it!

Come ON KID!


What a mama wouldn't do for her kid! 017

We are finally smiling! Well... sort of!



Here we are... all three kitties! Whew! THAT was work!

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Rebecca Jo said…
What a good mommy you are!!!

Poor kitty with a boot on! :)
Bethany said…
Y'all look adorable! Hope you all had a fun time!
Faith said…
What cute kitties you two (well, three!) are!!! Looks like fun =)
prashant said…
You should let her take pictures a few times to post them on here... how fun!

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