She's At It AGAIN!


See that? She's done it again! Can't you hear an evil little laugh coming from that picture!!??! I can!

Girlfriend has confiscated my camera once again and just went to town! Let's see what all she found to take pictures of!


Her baby that she has had since she was born!

"Mom! I could NOT get her to smile!"



A random bear that was buried in the toy closet.

And then there's 72 pictures of our poor cat, Pepper. Bless his heart. He just wants to take a cat nap is all!

006 002

005 020 012


Notice how they are all taken in different places around the house? Well, he ran from her. IMAGINE THAT!

He's gonna need counseling.

THEN she was quiet. For like an hour I didn't hear her. You know that means something's up!

She had gone in the playroom and gotten all of the stuffed animals she owns and arranged them on her bed! THEN she took their picture!



When I finally went to check on her she wanted me to take her picture WITH the animal friends!


THEN there are the pictures of herself...




What is up with the piggy face?

I guess girlfriend needs her own camera for Christmas! Maybe I have a photographer in the making! :)


Rebecca Jo said…
I love seeing the world through the eyes of a little one! Even if that is chasing the cat around the house till they're bonkers! :)

All the stuffed animals... a true sign of a young heart... love it!

You should let her take pictures a few times to post them on here... how fun!
sooo cute! I bet she would LOVE to get a camera for Christmas! I bet she will love to be able to express herself through creativity!
Faith said…
Crackin' me up! Oh, I love that child. She sure does know how to put a smile on my face. A camera is a great idea for her!

I love you friend and I'm so thankful for your prayers. Praying that today went well =)
Kat said…
Those pictures are precious and hilarious. She is too cute!
Bella Michelle said…
I do think a camera should be on the short list! Also, what a fun story book she could do "Adventures with Kitty"!
prashant said…
a true sign of a young heart... love it!

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