We have been out of school for a week. Yes. Our little private school decided to let out while it was still cold outside for summer. Does anyone know why? Me either.

So we have had one solid week of sleeping in past o-dark-thirty and we have had a few days of just hanging out. Not being on a schedule has been nice. However...

So far I have heard 376 questions about what we are doing next, 147 requests to be on the computer, 789 requests to watch tv and 1,989 requests for more food and 25 questions about why the other kids in our neighborhood are still catching the bus.

Oh. My. Word. I may not live.

I have to say. I have also cleaned out closets and drawers, worked in the yard and made returns of items that have ridden around in my car for ever because I have not had time to stop due to working (some) teaching Bible study and running my little darling hither and yon.

We have had lots of quality time together. We have read books, done some math and reading exercises and we've been to lunch. We have been to dinner with friends, to church activities and we have done puzzles in the playroom... after we sorted the 5 different puzzles that she mixed on the table in the playroom causing it to be very difficult for her to understand why the pieces weren't fitting. Yep. Quality.

We have also had some smart mouthed, eye rollin', spankin' earnin' disobedience that my husband calls "sinning against God in all manner of ways!" (He sounds like Andy Griffith when he talks like that).

One day we just kept saying..."Keep it up. You are working towards a spankin!" Until the next morning when she got up and (while lying on the floor in her Sunday dress mind you) started spoutin' off ... "WHERE'S MY BREAKFAST!?" Oh girlfriend!! Bless her heart... it's all I am gonna say.

Ah yes. Summer time. 15 weeks of it. We have had 7 days off and 5 of the 7 have been rainy days. LORD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME!


Faith said…
At least you get to sleep in ;-)

Love you girlies!

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