But the Greatest of These is Love


My Valentine is sitting in the kitchen right now bargaining with our little Valentine over some of her candy. He’s so funny. He is the same man that went to Hallmark yesterday and bought his little valentine a Webkinz that is a porcupine. After she opened it he spent a good hour on the Webkinz website trying to get “Valentine” registered. He’s also the same man that arranged for his parents to keep our girl so that he can spend the afternoon and night with me shopping for my birthday, eating dinner and going to a movie. She’s even going to spend the night! (And let me tell you… he would FAR rather watch some sporting event than shop OR go to a movie so you know it’s love!)


He’s also the same man that is my exact opposite. He isn’t into fashion, but he tries. He’s quiet and he enjoys to read the paper. He thinks before he speaks. Sometimes for a long time and that drives me nuts! JUST SAY IT!! He likes routine and he’s very logical. He likes math. He always takes someone else’s side if I am mad with them. For example:

Me-“That lady at the store was SO rude! I could not believe her!”

Him-“Now honey… wonder what happened to her this morning? Maybe she had a terrible fight with her husband or something. You just never know.”

Does that not just make you want to slap him?

It’s true we are so different and yet through the last 12 years we have grown beyond what I ever expected. Sometimes we still seem so different that I wonder how in the world we EVER got together. Sometimes we seem so similar that I know that ONLY God could have done something like that! 


He makes me laugh with his unexpected and dry humor. He makes me proud with his ability to see the heart of people. He makes me mad when he takes his time getting something done or when he’s late. He makes me happy when he walks in the door every night with a hug for me and our girl no matter what kind of day he’s had. And he makes me glad when I think that he’s the one that God has given me as my husband… the one that protects, loves and encourages me as I seek to honor the Lord with my life.


Steve, I am so thankful for you! Thank you for loving me and Caroline the way that you do. I could not ask for a sweeter spouse or a better match for me! While our views and attitudes may be different and while we may see things through totally different eyes the way that we compliment each other somehow works! God’s wisdom is greater than our human reasoning and I am so glad! I would marry you 100 times over! I love you honey! Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

“Now these three remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13


Carol said…
Men and women are different and that's the way God made us. It sounds like you two are perfect for each other and compliment one another beautifully.

Have a Happy Valentine's day. Enjoy your quiet time together.
Heather said…
SUCH a sweet tribute to your hubby!!! Happy Valentines Day!
Faith said…
What a sweet post! I know the Lord brought you two together and He, of course, knew EXACTLY what He was doing!

Hope y'all had fun today! Happy Valentines Day and Happy early Birthday!!
JenB said…
You're so sweet! Love the pictures.
Hope you had a great day today! Happy Bday tomorrow! Love you!
MiMi said…
Isn't it awesome how God knows EXACTLY what we need in a mate! You balance each other out so completely! Loved all the pictures.

This was such a sweet tribute to your godly husband. You are truly blessed, my friend! Hope you enjoyed your time alone with your Valentine!

And.....Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day today and may this be your best year yet!
Leigh Ann said…
That was such a sweet post. You two are such a cute couple. What he said about the lady having a bad morning which may explain her attitude totally reminded me of my Derek!
Heather said…
Just popped over from Faith's blog to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!! Hope it's a great one!
Rebecca Jo said…
Hey - just saw from Faith its your birthday!!! happy birthday friend!
Hollie said…
i loved this post melissa! you guys are perfect for one another.
God has blessed BOTH of you with an amazing spouse. i loved seeing the pics of ya'll!

but yes, i would want to slap him for the 'wonder what happened to her' comment....even though he is entirely correct and thinking the way God would have us to think. but sometimes we don't wanna hear that do we?! hahaaa

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