Special Needs VBS

I am so far behind on my blog! So many really good things are happening and I am excited to share them with by bloggy friends!

We had a great week at VBS! I wanted to share a few pics of the kids that we had the priviledge of helping that week! I only remembered to take my camera the last night that we were there so I did not get a picture of all of the kids that participated, but here are a few.

This precious boy is Aaron! He has a smile that will light up a room and is just so sweet! I can not tell you how my heart almost burst when we came out of our worship time one night and he looked at me and said, "Fun!" His communication is limited because of his disability, but his smile says it all! Oh, I just love him and we looked forward to seeing Aaron every night!

This is D'Kali and she is also just precious! They said that she would never walk, but bless her little heart, she walked right into VBS each night and did such a great job. She participated in the Bible stories, did the crafts and enjoyed the worship time! Her grandmother, Wanda, helps in our classroom and she is such a blessing to us!

One awesome thing that has happened since VBS is that I had the opportunity to take D'Kali to worship on Sunday morning! She also has a limited vocabulary, but when they began to pray she bowed her head and closed her eyes and folded her hands, and when they were done she said, "Amen." Oh, my goodness... your heart will just melt.

My last photo is of Paul. He is not exactly a kid, but he is very much a kid at heart! His sister, Sarah, also works in our class and she brings Paul to church each week. Paul is a HOOT! He is always asking us what we ate, when we went to bed and got up and what's next! He's big into a schedule!

Paul knows quite a bit about the Bible and always participated in our Bible lessons. He also wanted to do ALL of the crafts! He loves to color, make things and is just all around a great guy. He is always making me laugh and says the funniest things. Everyone loves Paul!

Because our ministry is growing and I have much that I want to share, I am starting a new blog! It's called Amazing Kids.... Amazing Grace! You can find it at www.amazingkidsamazinggrace.blogspot.com and on that blog I will have therapy tips, news about special needs ministry and more. Please pass the word along if you know of someone with a child with a disability or if you are interested in starting a special needs ministry at your church. I want to share all that the Lord is doing and bring Him glory through our ministry and through this blog!

Next we are looking at doing a Wheelchair Wash as a community service project! I will have to let you know how that turns out!! What an opportunity to tell our community about Jesus and about our ministry as it grows!

God has a plan and a role for each of His children. To see these kids come in each night and hear the word of God, and some of them leave knowing a new Bible verse, just makes me realize more and more what a responsibility we have as the church to bring those with special needs along side us! God can use each one of the ABILITIES that they have to bring glory to His name! I am so excited to see Him at work!!


Heather said…
This is so awesome and I just cried as I read all this. Melissa- it's so amazing!!!!!
Thank you for your obedience to hear God and do what He said! Because of that, people's lives are being changed!
MiMi said…
What a sweet post, Melissa. Walt and I have met Paul the last 2 Sundays at church. You are doing an awesome work and I know that the Lord will greatly reward you for it!
Belle-ah said…
You are just so inspiring and to know you do it for the Glory of God makes me just thrilled to be able to share it even if just in words! (((hugs)))
Faith said…
This makes my heart glad and I know it makes Jesus smile! They are absolutely precious!!!
Leigh Ann said…
Melissa! I am so glad I read your blog tonight. It has blessed my heart. I don't know if you have made it that deep into my blog, but my son, Evan has autism, so I know very well about sensory issues and the need for special needs ministry at church. What you are doing is AMAZING! Our church is moving into and new building in July and they are supposed to have a full-fledged special needs ministry. I would love for us to compare notes to get ideas from each other. On behalf of moms out there with a special needs child, I thank you for what you are doing! And, I thank you for your positive perspective. Our kids are CAPABLE of so much if they are given the chance!
Stephanie D. said…
I loved see your VBS class, ya'll were pretty much beside our class every night. Oh they were so sweet,
and girl they were feel the Lord through the music. It was so sweet. Oh and Erin that was helping, she is my babysitter. Talk to you soon.
Valarie said…
Girl, all I can tell you is that during our worship time in VBS when I would look over at you with those kids I would get so choked up. You were shining! It was truly amazing and such a blessing to see God answering prayers!! He is so good, Melissa. I love you and I'm so very proud of you!!
Darcie said…
Thanks so much for the comment! How awesome that you and your church care about kids with special needs. I'm excited to read more!

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