Doggy Shopping Family Randomness...

Look what we found!

One day while driving to get my daughter from school I almost ran over this little cutie!! My heart stopped as he ran right out in front of my car! I was running late so I didn't stop right away, but when I came home a friend of mine pulled into the driveway right behind me. We live in the same neighborhood and I told her that I'd seen him on the road near our homes. She said that she had seen him the day before and he must be a stray!  We walked out to the road, and sure enough, there he was! My friend had a towel in her car and she cornered him and caught him!! Bless his baby heart... he was so dirty and shivering! She kept him and took him to the vet where they said that he's 4-8 years old and he seems fairly healthy with the exception of his teeth. He didn't have a chip and had obviously been out for a while so the vet encouraged her to keep him. She already has a dog, and we have a cat, but we are considering keeping him at our house.

My husband had a business trip to prepare for this week and we have been really busy with that, but he does not always travel so when he returns we are going to discuss it to see if our family can swing it! I am afraid to get too excited, but I think he's precious and I would LOVE to have him. Isn't he just the cutest THING!?! If we can't keep him I think my friend will. We don't want him out on the street and we want him to have a good home. OH! I hope it's MY home! PLEASE SANTA!? I've been pretty good this year!


In other news...this week has been a shoppin' flurry and I'VE LOVED IT! I have been so excited by a recent blessing that the Lord has given us that has allowed us to buy some Christmas gifts. It's so awesome when the Lord shows up and blesses you when you don't expect it, isn't it?! I have been shopping here and there while my little girly girl has been at school and I hope she LOVES what she's getting. I can't wait to see her reaction on Christmas day when we come down the stairs as a family and she opens her gifts. I will be sure to share all about it after the Christmas maddness is over and I have a nap.

Speaking of girly girl... she is already beside herself about a little tradition that we started a few years ago. Every year we go to the same bakery to get a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS! I take her with  me and we look through the window at the cute little cakes and I let her pick which cake she'd like.

                                                                      Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Last year, we traveled two hours to see my family and we HAD to go to the bakery before we left our town and we TOOK the cake with us! I am telling you.. she will NOT let me forget about Jesus' cake and she is already asking when we are going and if she can blow out the candles. It is always fun to see which one she will choose and she's super excited to go again this year. I hope she never tires of this sweet tradition and our time together. AND the bakery can NEVER close! Oh. That would just be the end of life as we know it.


JenB said…
I was wondering if you guys kept the dog! I hope you get to!!
Faith said…
Bless it, that little baby is cute!! Oh, I hope it stays with you forever =)
Rebecca Jo said…
OHHHHH _ I hope you get to keep that little fur-baby! Its so tiny - it cant cost that much to feed it! :)

Love the Jesus Birthday Cake.. .Christmas is at my house this year so I'm going to make sure I have one for my nieces!!!
Bethany said…
I love your idea of the birthday cake! What a fun way to celebrate:)
Patty Sumner said…
I love the Christmas tradition you are setting in place with your beautiful daughter. I also love the little dog. How exciting! I so hope you get to keep him. I love your heart to help the helpless....I believe you can tell alot about people by how they treat animals. So thankful about your blessing from the Lord. Enjoy! You are a blessing! Many more blessings and Merry Christmas!

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