It ALL Started WIth Headache

So this week we have lived in the land  of the sickness and can I just say that we are glad that this week is all done. ALL DONE I SAY!

Last Saturday little girlfriend went to run some errands with her daddy and when they returned she went straight upstairs to get her pillow and baby and she laid on the floor in the den. It was SATURDAY, people! The day that she wants to play on the computer and watch a thousand cartoons and go out to dinner. We knew we were in for it!

Sure enough.. next day we go to church and we pick her up from Sunday school. I wish I could have taken a picture of the pitiful little thing… she was pale and running a fever and THAT started the week.. an entire week of the blahs and fever and coughing and fever and coughing. Oh, it was miserable… for her!

Well, wouldn’t you know? One day while sitting on the sofa girlfriend coughs and she just sprayed me! “HURRY! GO wash your face if you want to survive!” my husband said. (He’s not usually dramatic, but that day it just came out! I laughed so hard at him! “Survive!?!”) I knew instantly that I was going to have some form of the crud and sure enough… here I sit. Coughing and with a very small voice. 

My husband is looking for a place to stay. He’s terrified he won’t survive.

So today… after a late breakfast and a nap we did some exciting things. You WILL be jealous.

1) We went to the dump. (Where I was SOO tempted to get this piece of furniture out of the receptacle because it looked like it had promise! Then my husband said it might have termites in it and that made my stomach flip so I stayed in the car. Ewww!)

2)We went to Target.

3)We went to a nursing home to visit a lady from our church.

4)We ate a salad at Panera.

Now, try to contain yourself! The sicklings are just some party animals!

Next week is going to be better! I just know it!


Cindy said…
Wow! You're just a bunch of party animals! :)

Our family has been fighting the crud as well. Hope you are all feeling better soon!
Bella Michelle said…
It does NOT sound like a fun week. Hope everyone is on the mend and your dear husband dodged they ick bug!
Faith said…
Boo! So sorry about all the yuckies going around. Hope this week is much better. It's your birthday week, it has to be!!

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