Sweet Spring Preview

This past weekend we had some much needed warmer weather and sunshine! I was so happy to just feel warm for a change!

I have hung my favorite basket on my front door and added a little white ribbon so that it’s not SOOO springy yet!
One day as I walked in the door I noticed a sprig sticking up from the side of the basket. I pulled it and I yanked out an upside down nest!

I took the basket off the hook and looked inside…
A mama bird had not only built a nest and laid her eggs, but she had built a COCOON! They were all snug in their nest with a protective covering to protect them from the cold, and they are BEAUTIFUL! There are five eggs and one is blue but the others are different shades of pink! Caroline decided that those were going to be girls. She also worried, “She left them by themselves!? How will they take care of themselves?!” I reminded her that most mama birds are never far away and we should not touch the eggs just in case she’s watching!

She also asked, “But when will they hatch!? Is it time? It is cold out here mom! Shouldn’t we go in!?”

It made me think about God and how He sees us. We see this world as so cold and we feel like He’s really not paying attention. How will we EVER take care of ourselves?? But He has us nestled right under His wings and He has hedged us in on all sides to protect us from this world. He waits until just the right time to let us “hatch” into what He has for us and He’s only allowing certain things to filter through until it’s our time. Sometimes being still is so hard and waiting on His timing seems like an eternity. But in the the mean time He’s created something so beautiful and unique in each of us.

Oh, I don’t know… I don’t think it’s an accident that those baby eggs are hanging on my door for me to pass each day as I enter my home. I think God allowed that mama bird to make that nest for those little babies, but He has spoken over and over again through them to me..

“Be gentle.”

“Let them have their time.”

“There’s a mama bird who cares about those baby eggs.”

“Be patient.”

“Trust that My time is perfect.”

Interesting, isn’t it? How God pursues us. Don’t you just love Him?


Patty Sumner said…
What a wonderful analogy. I appreciate you heart and your love for our Lord. blessings!
Faith said…
Beautiful post in many ways!

Love you dearly, Faith
Kat said…
How precious. We had a nest in one of our hanging baskets when we moved from Charlotte. I left a note for the new owners so they wouldn't disturb it.

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