Winding Down

Well, it’s apparent that summer is starting to wind down. People are getting bored.  While we love summer time and the relaxed schedule.. well, we shall use that word loosely… there’s not really a schedule… we do also love a little structure and, well, a schedule.

summer 2012 136

It also does not help that this week we’ve had a little summer cold and cough. That means that we don’t want to do anything at all, and yet we are bored. UGH!

AND, also, too… we went to the beach early in the summer with some friends (which was awesome and we loved) but when you do the vacay at the beginning the end seems long. Right? Right.

We have had a very nice time together, however! We’ve loved being together as a family and doing things that we don’t normally get to do. We’ve been to see the grandparents a couple of times during the week and we’ve been to the movies and we’ve been to the pool and we’ve hung out with friends… yep! We’ve loved it! We even went to  a new park in our town and got ice cream and explored a little. It was VERY fun.

But you can tell. It’s time.

Time for school books and school friends and teachers and assignments and no brain rot.

It’s time for less video games and more reading and adding and subtracting and accomplishment. Yes, that’s what we need! A sense of accomplishment.

We love summer! We also love when our brains are engaged and we are not bored out of our gourds.

The end.


Cindy said…
My kids aren't in school anymore and each year this 'back to school' stuff seems more foreign. :)

We're taking our vacation at the end of September this year!

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