Happy Fall and A Little More

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Happy Fall from our home to yours!

It has been a busy time, but I’m finding, most times are!

God is so reminding me of our blessings every day that I wake up in a warm home and have clothing to wear and food to eat! He’s our provider and our sustainer and we are so blessed everyday!!

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This month has been busy as we continue to put finishing touches on the clothing ministry and serve families in our community. Last week alone we saw 28 families come through and everyone of them so grateful for a shirt or pair of pants as cold weather approaches. Many of these families first visit our food pantry and are in need of more than we could ever provide, but we do what we can and we pray! God has given us many opportunities to pray with people as they seek to have their needs met and lives changed.

One mom had 5 children and she did not speak English. We soon figured out that she was married and that her husband was working when and where he could but ALL of them needed clothing. We were able to provide each person in their home with items so that everyone would have something warm to wear. It was incredible to see her find things for each one… almost like the loaves and fishes story in the Gospels. Our clothing supply seemed low to the human eye, but she left from there with something for all 7 members of their family!

Another mom came in and there was so much shame in her face as she filled out the forms for me. Her friend told me that she had recently lost a child 13 days after it was born to a genetic disorder and she was still very distraught. I asked if we could pray with her and she wept as she told me that she had to be strong for her other children and she had to try to provide for them in the middle of this storm. I found out that she had prayed to receive Christ recently, and I was able to pray with her and encourage her through scripture. 

There are MANY ministry opportunities all around us. It’s really amazing that God has opened this door for me and the other volunteers to be able to be IN our community on a weekly basis sharing the love of Christ with them.

It is sometimes so easy to look at what we don’t have and we forget that God is taking care of our every need. We are not hungry (have you seen me?) and we do not have to worry about being cold. We may not have the newest clothes or the best decorated home on the block, but we don’t live in fear that we won’t have something to wear or a roof over our head.

I think living in America makes us have tunnel vision. We are so blessed and we have more than the majority of the people in the world, but we get focused on the few who are beyond wealthy and compare ourselves to them. It’s not healthy.

This is the month of Thanksgiving and God is showing me that I have more to be thankful for than I could ever imagine!! I can’t wait to share pictures and stories as our journey continues.


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