NO! Ok, Yes. And Other Randomness

Am I the only mom that struggles with this? Lately I am catching myself saying “NO!” to things that my girl wants to do with absolutely no good reason! Somewhere along the way I get in the mindset that I want to be in complete control and she just needs to come along for the ride, “Because I said SO!”  It’s not like it is over things that are dangerous or crazy either. I seriously think I have issues…

Ok, here’s a great example… we went with a friend and her two kids to a local indoor poor recently. After we swam we decided to grab a quick lunch before we parted ways. My girl wanted to ride in the van with them to the restaurant. My immediate reaction was, “NO! They may not have room!" Just ride with me!” The other mom said, “I really don’t mind. We are just going a short distance and my kids would love it!”

Yeah. Wow. See what a winner I’ve been? And that’s not the only example, but I am choosing not to share what a tyrant I’ve been lately!  What is the big deal? I somehow gotta reign that thing in. Poor kid. She’s going to want to move out before she’s 12.

Well, in other news that doesn’t show what a great mom I am (UGH!)….

I am really excited about this new journal (known as a “Journible” for some strange reason).


Our church is going through the Gospel of John this year and this Journal has a place to copy the entire book of John so that you have it in your own handwriting to pass to the next generation! I love that it has a place for sermon notes or a place where you can write your own thoughts about what you are learning as you write. It’s very cool and a different way to get the scripture into my heart and mind!

Also, this past week in the clothing ministry we saw 17 families in one day! Between the two days that we were open I think we saw around 25 families looking for food and clothing. We ran out of food in the food pantry, as a matter of fact. It is really such an wonderful opportunity to see so many that we can minister to, but at the same time it is so sad to see so many in need.

One 17 year old came in with his mom and they took some white dress shirts so he could usher at church. She was a single mom on disability and walked with a limp. She had to sit down several times during their brief stay. The boy told me that he wants to go to school to be a chef and help continue taking care of her. They were so precious, and so grateful, but it was just the two of them and she was doing the best she could to take care of him on a fixed income… and he was doing the same.

There are numerous stories.

To be completely honest you sometimes question the sincerity of some that come in. We do have them fill out a form and we try to have a level of accountability, but we sometimes wonder if EVERYONE who comes in really NEEDS help. Then God whispers to me… “I did not tell you WHO to help. I just told you to  help. You let ME worry about that.” And so we sort more clothes and we hang more on racks and we are prepared to help whomever walks through the door as much as possible.

Well, have a great week! Until next time…


Patty Sumner said…
You are so righ. Just keep sorting and sharing love and the Lord will do the rest...Plant those seeds of charity and kindness. Maybe one day a harvest will be reaped. Blessings!
Bella Michelle said…
I think I get into the "mom tyrannt" mode more often than I like. I find myself saying no mostly because I miss the days when we all hung out at home together more than this season has us doing. I understand!

It is hard to help if we get worried about the authenticity of those needed help and you are so right that is between those needing help and God...I just need to do what He has called ME to do!

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