It’s Snowing! Let’s Have a Car Wash!

Today was our first fund raiser for our mission trip that is QUICKLY approaching! EEK! We have a GREAT team and a GREAT leader who can do about anything so we trusted that it would be a top notch set up. He did not disappoint. He was there with everything ready to go and we were going to have us a CAR WASH!


Let me back up a tad. Earlier in the week some of us started looking at the weather and questioning the temps. The forecast called for low temps and possible precipitation with the possibility of snow. We know how it is in the South, though… one minute it’s warm and the next it’s freezing… so no one really said anything about it until yesterday when the forecast was STILL calling for snow. WELL, we get up this morning and hmmmm….. there were a few flakes falling from the sky. If you look at the bottom right there’s a snow flake in the picture above.

Our leader decided that it probably would not last and that we were pressing on. So press on we did! We also decided the night before that we’d do a bake sale and let the ladies stay out of the water. Aren’t we SMART?! And a little crazy?

Who ever heard of a car wash and a bake sale in the snow?!? Yeah. Us, either.


Well, the local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store let us use their parking lot and THANKFULLY they let us use their car port loading area of our bake sale. It snowed for a few hours but nothing stuck so we enjoyed the sights and friendly faces, and we were able to stay out of the wet and sell some things to add to our car wash total! GOD IS SOOO GOOD TO US!

Over all it was a successful day and we are excited to know that we are getting closer to raising the needed funds to head to Africa in April!! Can’t wait to see what He has in store for us next! No one said it would be easy, right?!? And no one even CLAIMED that one of us is sane so… no real surprises here! Smile


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