How Do You Know?


How do you know the love of a mother until you experience it? Until she holds you and feeds you and takes care of your every need like no one else can, you really don’t truly know what that is like, do you? Think about those who, perhaps, lost their mom at a young age. They may dream about the love of a mom, but they don’t REALLY know what it feels like. Dads are awesome and grandparents are loving, but there’s just something about having a mom.

After all, she gave birth to you. She knew you before she could see you and she feels what you feel before anyone else ever could. She knows your cries, even when you are older, and she knows when you need help before you can ask. Even moms who struggle with finances or who are left alone to care for her children will work and scrape and press on until their little ones are cared for. It’s in their blood! They just can’t help it.

No one can really tell you about the love of a mother either… well, not in the way that you’d really understand. They can try with words like love, compassion, empathy, concern and the likes, but until you have been cared for by a mom who would do ANYTHING for you so that you can have the best life possible there really are not words! It is truly one of the most unique and meaningful relationships known to mankind.

This experience of being loved by a mother can be matched. As a matter of fact it can be surpassed! There are similar problems with this surpassing experience, however, and that is that I can not really describe it for you. You see, I can tell you that Jesus came from heaven to earth for you and that He died JUST for you.

I can tell you that He came to take away every wrong that you ever did. I can tell you that He loves you and that He came to do fulfill all of the rules that He ever set for us because He knew we could never live up to them.

I can tell you that He has paved the way for you to have an abundant life filled with blessings that we could never predict or out do on our own. I could tell you that He wants a relationship with you and that He prays for you to the Father.

How do you know I am telling the truth? Well, like with a relationship with a mom you can’t really know until you experience it.

Maybe I’m lying.

Maybe I am just full of religion and religion is not for you! You’ve made that very clear to yourself and everyone around you.

So I just need to know. How IS life working out for you?

Are you alone? Are you scared of what the future holds? Are you using other means to fill that hole inside of you… materialism, substances that make you feel good for a moment and then are gone the next, people who disappoint… something else?

I don’t know. I just thought that maybe you were like me.

Then there was the day that I got fed up with how my life was going. I was just completely tired of dead ends and darkness and being overwhelmed. I just decided that the way that I was living was just not working out so well and I thought I’d make some changes.

I had a serious talk with God and I told Him that I was really screwing this thing up pretty bad. I said that I could not do it anymore by myself and that I really needed Him to take over. I said I was sorry for how I’d been living, acting and treating others and that I needed forgiveness in a HUGE way.

He already knew all of it.

He knows about your life, too.

I don’t know. I just thought I’d take a chance at trying to tell you that YOU can have a life that is fuller and richer and better than you ever thought. It starts with you just talking to God like you’d talk to a friend and you just tell Him you’re a wreck. He knows what to do from there.


Patty Sumner said…
Beautiful and true post Melissa. I pray this touches many hearts.. I love your header...just precious. Keep on sharing your faith...His Word is powerful and will do great things in the heart of those who read or listen.. Blessings!

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