Sovereignty of God

It was a busy Sunday morning. I had several responsibilities and I was running from place to place trying to be on time for all of my errands.

The early service was letting out and there were lots of people moving through the halls. Trying not to run, but run, and trying not to be rude I got caught and could not move very quickly so I slowed my pace and ended up beside a lady in the breezeway. .

I walked beside her and her little boy as we entered in the hallway. I didn’t know her face, but they were friendly and he was telling his mama about Sunday school. Wearing a long sleeved shirt and khaki pants, he walked backwards so that she could hear him and when he grinned a window, where two front teeth were missing, showed. 

“Hey!” I said. “Who took those two front teeth?”

He smiled at me. “The tooth fairy! I got a lot of money!”

I hadn’t been sure if he’d respond and so I kept the conversation going.

“Oh good! Keep saving your money for something nice! Or do you spend it right away? Sometimes it’s hard to hold onto money. My daughter always wants to spend it right away.” I said, smiling at him.

“I’m saving it for something BIG! Like a super hero,” he said.

Then his mom broke in. “Your daughter. She’s Caroline, right?”

I looked at her. I was trying to place her face and how she would know my child. Had she taught her in Sunday school? Maybe Vacation Bible school. It wasn’t coming to me and so I had to ask.

“Yes, she’s Caroline. How do you know her?”

What happened next made my heart come to a complete stand still. In a moment God, in His incredible ability to get my attention, allowed this woman to speak something that I had NEVER anticipated.

“I remember you and your family. See, I am a nurse in the NIC unit where she stayed when she was born. You could not come in during the non-visiting hours to rock her and so I rocked her for you. I prayed for Caroline during that time. How is she doing now?”

What did you say?

My mouth could not form the words. My feet could no longer walk beside her and my eyes could not hold back the tears that spilled over in disbelief.

You see, I have been wrestling with God about what middle school Caroline should attend, and I have frankly been a little bossy with Him lately about such a huge decision. You know… He obviously needs my help and He has surely forgotten that she needs special help and… oh I know we still have the rest of the school year, but that’s not very long and I would REALLY like to know the plan so…

Finally, I slowly say it.

“You remember us?” I stop. “You are the one that rocked my girl?”

The tears now… too many, but I keep going.

“She’s 12 now and she has some special needs that we think may have stemmed from that birthing experience and time in the NIC unit, but she’s doing really well….”

She smiled.

I had to stop. I could not talk anymore without just blubbering all over the woman. I reached out and hugged her so hard.

“Thank you. Thank you so much for loving her. You prayed?” I could not believe what this lady was telling me.

“Yes,” she said. “I see you every now and then here at church, but I have never had the chance to tell you who I am. That was such an emotional time for you and I knew you would not remember my face.”

I hugged her again and then stood back and just stared at her, tears still streaming. 

“I could NEVER thank you enough for telling me today. God knew that TODAY I needed to hear that from the beginning of her life He has put the people in our path that we’d need to care for her. As we move into middle school I am positive that He will show us exactly what His plan holds for her and for us.”

Her little boy, “Hey, mom!!! I am hungry!!!’

She smiled and shrugged. “Well, I need to feed this kid! Great to see you.”

Ma’am, you have no idea.

As I walked away my heart almost burst! “God, you didn’t have to tell me that. You didn’t have to have her walk beside me in the hall and you didn’t have to let her remember me. Do you know how many babies she rocks and how many families she cares for? It was twelve years ago, God! Why today?”

Sometimes I get so caught up in the why’s, the how’s and the what if’s! And sometimes He comes to me and He shows me the WHO and that’s all I really need to know.


Angela Parsons said…
Wow! He sure knows how to get our attention! Now to find my kleenex. Thanks for sharing this!!!
Faith said…
INCREDIBLE. Absolutely awesome!!
JenB said…
OH my gosh, I'm crying. That's so amazing! What a gift!
Melissa said…
Isn't God just amazing? you all know the difficulty we've faced and it just blows me away that God does things like this.
Anonymous said…
Your posts always strike a special chord with me. To share such a beautiful experience -
reminds us that God ALWAYS cares for our needs and lets us know it in such unique ways!

Willie Mae Rumph

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