Quick Change

It was a Tuesday. She came in looking a little rough. I’m not being judgmental. She knew it and she was hoping to find some things at the clothes closet.

She was a single mom. Her son had been kicked out of school because of behavior and other issues. She was tired and she had kind of given up on taking care of herself.

No makeup.

Dingy shirt.

Ripped pants.

Dirty flip flops.

Hair pulled into a pony tail. Kind of greasy looking.

I don’t really think she expected to find a place that might love on her a little. It was another place that she’d heard about that might offer her some help.

Maybe even just let her dig through a box.

“Ma’am, what size are you looking for?” I asked.

“Well, I actually have found some things! I am excited to see that this place offers nice things! Is it all donations?” she asked. She had a different light in her eyes than when she entered.

“Yes!” I said. “ We have been blessed with very nice donations from people in our church. I am glad you are finding things.”

I was even able to help a little with some toiletries and underwear. Her kids were needing those things, and quietly, so was she.

Before she left she asked if we had programs for kids at our church. I told her about our upcoming VBS and about other opportunities that kids have at the church.

I talked to her about the single mom’s class.

I gave her a Bible.

The very next day we were open was Thursday. It was a steady day with people coming and going. I was standing near the desk helping another customer when the door opened.

It was her.

Her hair was washed and pulled back in a bun. She had on make up and she was dressed in white pants, a sweater and a tank top and she was wearing a matching necklace. It all matched. She looked so pretty and so different.

“HI!” I said. “You are back! You look so nice today!”

“Yes,” she smiled. “I brought my friend with me. Everything I am wearing came from you!! Look at my necklace. It matches and looks so nice! I am so excited that everything fit and you all helped me so much!”

It was almost as if a woman that had been locked inside had come out again! Her face was radiant and her eyes excited about how she looked and how she felt about herself.

She brought her friend into the store and helped explain everything. She helped her shop and she helped make stacks of clothes for her friend’s family.

She was giving back.

She was taking what she had been given and using it to help someone else and she was doing it with so much pride. It was as if the Lord Himself had whispered, “I’m carrying you. I’m here and I want you to tell someone else this same message.” And she was.

Before she left she thanked me again and again. She asked for information about the church for her friend and she wanted her to have a Bible, too. I honestly could not believe the difference…

… and yet that’s just like the Lord. In His time, and in His way, He makes all things new. You just never know exactly how He’s going to go about it… or when. And every once in a while He allows you to see it. First hand.


Cindy said…
Loved this!! The Lord is definitely in the business of transformations!

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