I Drive Myself Crazy!

Do you do that? Like right now... I CAN NOT think of the words to this song that I heard on the radio yesterday. I LOVED the song, but I can't think of the title, words, anything!

So if I loved it so much you would think I would remember something. Right? Artist? Can't remember that either! EITHER!!!!!!!

OR yesterday I stayed home all day (until I went to run errands) and I cleaned some, did laundry... you know... catching up from the weekend. So I worked hard and tried to be good about not wasting time on the computer and I get up this morning... I had forgotten to put some of the dishes away.. I had forgotten to put some laundry away in Caroline's room... I FORGOT, I FORGOT, I FORGOT!!!!!!!!! It drives me crazy because it felt like I did all of that and then shot myself in the foot.

I have friends that can remember everything. EVERYTHING!! Like they tie strings around all of their fingers, mentally or something, and just remember every stinkin' detail. It's quite impressive to be honest.

They can remember names... WHO remembers names??? NOT me.

They can remember the details of things people say... I remember that I saw the person and that we talked, but the details...well you are asking a little too much of me.

What was your name again?

It seriously drives me crazy.

I forget to turn papers in on time. I forget to call people back. I forget to charge my cell phone. I FORGET MY CELL PHONE. I forget to make doctor's appointments. I forget to put on earrings. I forget to return things.  I forget things all the time.

AND... here's the kicker... I am not even 40 yet people!

What's going to happen to me??

Maybe, when I get old, will I forget to wear my Depends?

Maybe I will forget my teeth.

Maybe I will forget where I am going and just live in Wal-mart 'til someone sends out a missing person's alert. Who would send the alert? I don't KNOW!!!!!

OR maybe I will forget to put my clothes on all together!!

I mean at the rate I am going I would not put it past me.

So... will ya'll help me? If you see some toothless, naked woman who peed on herself walking around in Wal-mart will you please take me home? But don't ask me how to get there because I WON'T REMEMBER!!!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said…
Oh, at that point - you wont even CARE your toothless or naked :o) you can have fun with it! hehe!!!
LisaShaw said…
I found you through precious Susan at Count it all joy. You have a beautiful family and what a funny post! If you are naked going through Wal-Mart I will throw my entire self around you and get you to my car quickly and get you home(smile) that is if I remember where my car is! (smile).

Looking forward to visiting again with you. Bless you.
Faye said…
unrymerMelissa,We all are that way girl.Not to worry.My mama always said,when you think you are fine,thats when it is time to worry.So whit that I know you are allright!Blessings, Faye
Kim said…
the difference in what you are doing now and forty is that you WILL NOT care after you turn 40....I promise! See you tomorrow - pray for overcast weather and a cool gentle breeze.
Faith said…
I'll be your friend that helps you remember stuff...until I can't remember things myself...then we'll both be in trouble! Ha!

Love you!
Amy E. said…
This is the funniest story! I can just hear you telling it in person!! Loved it! And I'm sooo like that too...getting worse by the day! :)
And for the record, if you come up to me naked and toothless in Walmart, I'm going to pretend like I have no idea who you are. :)
Just kidding...I'll join right in, girlfriend!! :)
Traci said…
I'm about to wet myself from laughing so hard! I can just see your face as you tell this...
I already live at wally world so you can come live with me - although I keep getting lost since they changed the layout so I may not find you for a while!

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