Spring Break (Without Pictures!)

HEY BLAWGLAND! How are all 5 of you?? I seriously feel so out of the loop and have been reading blogs tonight since I just returned from my parent's house. They live in the stone ages with NO COMPUTER! (How do they live?) I needed to catch up on my friends!!

Caroline and I left early Monday and just returned in time for dinner tonight. It has been forever since I've stayed at their house for most of a week! I am also SOOOOOOO mad that I didn't take my camera because you all would have loved to have seen some of the "moments" from our visit! I think I will just list them because this could take YEARS to type. Years! I tell ya. SOO here are the highlights.. with no pictures. UG!

* My dad is a pet store manager and we got to go see all of the precious bunnies that they got in for Easter. Now, I DO know that this week is not about a bunny, but I got one out and held it and it just snuggled under my chin. Oh my goodness!! It was the cutest thing ever!! EVER. (Yes, we could have used a picture to share with blawg land!)

* One night we cooked dinner and we had a "Caroline meal." We had hot dogs, mac and cheese and brownies for dessert.  Well.... we WERE going to have brownies until I went to get them out of the oven and dropped the entire pan into the oven!!Oh my word. YES! You definitely needed a  picture of that because it was a SIGHT TO BEHOLD. I am pretty sure I have never seen anything quite like it. It was EVERYWHERE!! My mom's cabinets, the floor, the little drawer under the oven that you put pans in... yea, that was pretty much all chocolate. AND the burner inside the oven sparked and caught on fire a little because the food landed right on it. Oh yea. You would have enjoyed that. It was special.

*We shopped and shopped but found nothing to wear. NOTHING. Don't you hate that? You spend all that time and energy trying to find something that looks nice for Easter and nothing works. NOTHING. The look of frustration and exhaustion would have been a sight to behold!!

* Then there were just the everyday things.

Caroline going for a walk with my dad and both of them wearing one of his ball caps. Oh, so cute!

Mom and I fabric shopping for super cute brown animal print to go on her kitchen chairs! They look awesome! You would have loved to have seen them.

My brother coming home from working in the Garden Center at Lowes after 3 trucks of flowers came in for him to unload. Bless his heart! Ya'll have probably seen the ads on TV where they say there's enough for everyone! THEY ARE NOT LYING! I am pretty sure I have never seen a dirtier or more exhausted person. The picture WOULD have said it all!

And then this morning their next door neighbor was lying out in the SUN! Ya'll earlier this week it was freezing. FREEZING! And girlfriend was out there in a bikini. A picture would have proven it!!

Oh well, at least we enjoyed our stay and had  few adventures along the way. We are glad to be home with our daddy and excited to sleep in our own beds. Now we are looking forward to a special weekend of celebrating our Savior's sacrifice and resurrection! God is so amazing and He is so worthy of any and all praise that we can muster! Happy Easter friends. What a Savior!!


mommieof2 said…
Pics or no pics you did a great job of describing you vaca, but would have loved to have seen the mess of brownies ;)
Rebecca Jo said…
Sounds like a wonderful time!! Glad to "see" your having a fun!!!

Happy Easter!!!
Faye said…
Faith said…
Fun times at the Clemmons' it sounds like! I hate you don't have picture proof of it all, because it sounds like we missed some good stuff!

So glad y'all had a fun visit! I've been missing you =)
MiMi said…
So sorry we don't have pictures of all that fun stuff! The episode with the brownies reminded me of when I first moved into my house, Josh's girlfriend set a 13 x 9 pyrex dish full of Eggplant Parmesan on a hot burner on the stove and it EXPLODED!!!!! I had tomato sauce from one end of my white cabinets to the other and I was more worried about the hardwood floors with hot sauce hitting them! In your case, losing the brownies would have been the worst part. I might have been scooping them up off the floor! lol

I miss seeing you! Hope you, Steve and Liney have a Blessed Easter!

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