Fun Food and a Fun Run!

I mentioned in my last post that things have been a little crazy around here and here are a few reasons why!

Last Christmas we gave my in-laws a fire pit to go out on their new patio area. This week we went to enjoy the awesome spring weather and we cooked s'mores over the pit!


YUM Ya'll!

There's Caroline explaining the fire to you. You understand every word, right?


Cookin' with Paw Paw


Assembling and Eating with Grammy


You gotta get a little on ya!


Then just yesterday our school did a fundraiser FUN RUN! The fundraising part isn't exactly my favorite idea, but the FUN RUN was REALLY fun. And we ran. Imagine the irony.

Here is Caroline's class getting ready to run through the tunnel!

GET READY TO RUMBLE! (of course she is the one out of line. OF COURSE!)


Running Through!011


All of the kids are loosening up to run! WOO HOO!


The National Anthem plays...


There's a test run around the track so they cheer for each other as they start...


The teachers are the "markers". The kids are all wearing the same shirt with a numbered track on the back. As the kids make a lap the teachers stop them and mark the next number indicating how many laps the kids have run. Here they are... ready to MARK!


Here we GOOOOOOO!!! And she's off!


Watch out for those boys who will scream past you and knock you down!


Getting a mark.. (from her teacher that prayed for me when I had my melt down! Bless this woman, Lord! She is beyond precious!)


In the end it's all about having fun and supporting each other along the way!


In the end girlfriend ran 20 LAPS! I was the loudest mom out there (I know you are shocked!) and I ran a few laps with her. I was so proud that she didn't give up... though she did spend a few laps at the water table!


Faye said…
Joy said…
Hi Melissa! I can't remember exactly how I stumbled on to your blog a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed reading it. Anyway, you might recognize me if you saw me. I attend the same church (though the other campus) and you tutor my step son. My husband and I ran into you and your husband when we were filming those promos for church earlier this year. Ring a bell?

I am sort of new to blog land. I've started out with just a couple of trivial posts (AI stuff), but plan to start posting more meaty things.

My blog look needs help. I might have to contact your friend Faith and get her to jazz it up!

Good to see you,
the alleys said…
yay Liney!!! the alleys would have SO sponsored her lap runnin'! i didn't even think to ask you but if you read my blog post, you will find out that we have been a little out of the loop this week. lunch is a must...soon!

love you!
Heather said…
SO FUN! Caroline is so cute and I am glad she was out of line, because you could see her better!!!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Rebecca Jo said…
We have a fire pit we've never pulled out to use... this makes me want to get it out NOW!

And I hope tomorrow while I run the mini - someone will mark the back of my shirt too!! ... looks like a great time. I love the pic of them holding hands running - sweet!
Ginger said…
Just stopping by from Nicki's blog! I loved your comment on her post! So true. always nice to find another Charlotte blogger. Your blog is beautiful...great pictures. We're doing a personal best run at the school I teach at this week too. Lots of fun! Thanks for letting me stop by for a visit.
MiMi said…
Yay, Liney! I am so proud of you for running 20 LAPS!! Unbelievable! (For me, the words "fun" and "run" do not belong in the same sentence together!)

We have an outdoor fireplace and you have me wanting to make some S'mores. The last time I had all the ingredients for S'Mores, we went out to dinner and came back to find that my 8 yr. old Boxer, Champ, had devoured them! I was so mad at him!

Hope you're having a great weekend! I miss seeing you!

Ginger said…
Thanks for stopping by! You are way too kind. It's hard to believe our little girl will soon be a senior in high school. It seems just like yesterday we were going to her challenge runs! Enjoy! Your daughter is precious...good job with those laps! That's awesome.
Jensmere said…
Wonderful pictures of your precious Caroline!!! You made my mouth water with the s'mores!

A daughter can't have a better 'cheerleader' than her Mother!! (My Jennifer calls me hers...)

Bless you,

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