While I Am Waiting on the Floor to Dry!

I thought I would blawg a little! It seems like days just fly by and I am so busy lately that I have had no time to even sit at the computer for longer than a second just to check e-mails! I even left my camera in the kitchen (where the floor is drying!) so I can't post pictures. Again. I do have some to share though. I guess that means I need to take the time to post more! Darn! :)

Well, it's 11:20am and I am still in my PJ's cleaning this house again! I am so thankful for these days though. The ones that start with feet running once they hit the floor are exhausting! And I have had quite a few of those lately. So, today I took my time with my quiet time, eating my breakfast and then eased on into some housework. Not a bad day... I must say.

One thing that we have dealt with lately(and is wearing us slap out!)  is Caroline starting new meds. WOW. THAT has been an experience! Girlfriend has been a little wild to say the least. We started Lexapro over spring break to help with the serotonin excretion in her brain that may be contributing to her anxiety. For the first few days she seemed to be fine... no real changes.

THEN we went to my mom's house. OH MERCY SAKES! She changed into EEE-evil woman! She was doing things that she KNEW she wasn't suppose to, not listening and just plain old MEAN! So we came home and thought that maybe we needed to get back into school. Maybe the routine was so different, she was tired... you know how kids can be! Uh. no. The teacher called me and said that she was pushing her friends, throwing things, walking around during class time and yelling out during instruction. Just what every mom wants to hear.

Now, don't get me wrong. My girl CAN have a mind of her own and she is definitely 7 with a little bit of an attitude. AND she's not saved yet. A sinner, I tell ya! A sinner! (just keepin' it real) AND she has sensory and processing issues... so school isn't always the easiest place! But this behavior was strange even for her.

SO I called the doctor and her OT and we discussed backing her down on the meds and watching her for another few days. This past weekend was better so we are PRAYING (serious prayers) that today is going well. It's lunch time and no calls yet. MAYBE this is a good sign. We shall see!

I just have to say that her teachers have been INCREDIBLE! I cried on Friday as I stood in the hallway talking with her about all of this. You know what she did? She took me into another room, prayed over me and loved on me! This woman is a GOD SEND!! She loves my girl in spite of her little sinful self too! Oh, thank YOU JESUS!!!!!

Well, I guess the floor is almost dry and I have plenty more to do! In spite of all that we have dealt with life goes on!  Can't wait to get a minute to check up on you guys and what's happening in your world!  Have a good one now... ya hear?


Rebecca Jo said…
Been missing you!!!

That's crazy about the meds & the difference in the attitude. Will that get better or need a new med all together?

And can I say - to hear that a teacher would take the time to pray with you??? That made my heart sing for you!!!
Faye said…
ThreeGirlyGirls said…
Oh wow......I know about some kids with some crazy reactions to meds. When Hope was going through all her stuff she was acting SOOOO crazy on the meds they had her on. I will be praying for you AND sweet Caroline!! I hope they can continue to get things balanced out for her sweet self!

ps-You were the BOMB on Saturday!!
Faith said…
Hey girl, I am so sorry that y'all have been dealing with so much in trying to get the meds just right. I pray that it all evens out soon, and that God would give you clear direction on what to do if not. I'm so thankful that the Lord provided Mrs. B for y'all. He certainly knew what He was doing!

Love you girl. We need to catch up soon. Miss you!

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