Hey Ya'll! It's Caroline!

So I took over mom's blog today because I decided I wanted to share something. See, there was this one day that I was really bored.You know, it's summer and some days are just boring... like when mom has to clean and stuff. SO! I sat down at the computer and I saw my mom's camera sitting there. I thought it would be fun to take pictures of things that I saw so I decided to start clicking. Here's what I saw...


There's my cat Pepper. Isn't he cute?


Oh... he ran off... what else can I take a picture of??


Ok.. there are my feet. Cute too, huh?

Oh! Uncle Tommy's here. I will take some of him...

He's too busy playing some game... let's bug him...


Here's a close up of his ear... what about THAT? He LOVED it when I did that!!

This is really fun. What else can I find?


Ok.. the trash can in the office.. I like the close up stuff... let's try that again.


Cool basket weave, huh?

Ummm... then there's the blinds.. 


the doorway where mom's crooked sign says "No Whining". She means it too!


Then there's the corner of the room... pretty green, huh?

Oooo... mom got some paint on the molding! SHHH! Don't tell her I showed you that!


Hey! I can take a few of ME! Let's try! 011

Oh. That's not too bad. I like closer ones though. Let's try again...


And a little closer now...


ok.. one more time...



Over all I took 28 pictures that day. Mom was really surprised when she picked up her camera to use it and it was full of pictures that she knew nothing about! I was really careful though. I put the camera right back where I found it!! All safe and sound.

Ok.. well, I am going to find Pepper. He needs someone to hold him real tight and I am the perfect girl for that! This blogging thing is pretty cool! Maybe I will have one of my own one day!



Faith said…
Ha! That's pretty funny. She is a little stinker!! Hey, I've been praying for you both as school is getting ready to start. Let me know what's going on...

Love y'all!
the alleys said…
that made me laugh all over again. hilarious. she is something else!
Traci said…
haaaaaaaa! haaaaaaaa! she cracks me up! who knows, girlfriend might be a photographer one day.

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