WOW! I got a sweet comment from a sweet reader the other day on my last post and I thought, "Boy! I am really REALLY behind on the blog scene!" I have not read one blog in WEEKS much less written an entry!

Some how my heart has just not been in it. We have had a few things happen that have tried to take the wind out of our sails, BUT! God.

I think that's all I need to say! Other than the fact that He is faithful and able to bring us through anything no matter how bleak the future might seem. And here's what I love... HE's ALREADY THERE! He sees it all and so I just cling to the fact that He sees what's to come and He's going to carry us through!

We aren't much different from anyone else in this economy I suppose. My husband took a 2nd pay cut (along with his entire company!) so we have had to put on the brakes BIG TIME on spending! Much less eating out, trying not to drive all over creation to save on gas, spending time clipping coupons and consigning my little one's outgrown clothes... you know, things that I probably SHOULD have been thinking about all along! I guess you get really serious about some things when the situation gets more serious! Perhaps I could learn a few lessons from this experience! You think???? :)

SO.. today I am going for a job interview. A youth pastor at our church needs an assistant, and while being a secretary/assistant might not be my first choice of a job, the hours are the EXACT hours of our daughter's school hours AND I would be in the same building that she's in. AND it would possibly make up for the money that has been cut from my husband's pay... well, at least some of it! We will see what happens and how the Lord works! I guess I will have to keep you posted! :)

Another thing that has been a little hard is that our daughter was re-tested this summer. Her scores were very low and the psychologist used the words "mild/borderline mental retardation". THAT was a hard day! (AND it was my anniversary... she could have gone ALL day without saying that!) Thing is... if you know my kid... she may struggle some with different things, but the mentally retarded label does not seem to fit the bill in this case! She's reading like crazy! She's performing better in the classroom this year (and we held her back in 1st grade with the same teacher so we have a REAL comparison to go by here) and she's maturing. Granted, she may not be where she needs to be and we do know that there are delays, but those words were like a dagger to our hearts! 023

We also learned that her eyes are not working together! SO they referred us to a vision therapist that diagnosed 10 areas of weakness in her eyes! TEN, PEOPLE! He said it's no wonder she can't focus for the entire school day, skips lines and words when she reads and has attention problems. We started vision therapy last week and we have been twice. I am SOO praying that the Lord does a major work through this therapy and that she will just blossom into the smart little girl in the classroom that we see at home!

Life is hard, isn't it?

You know what?

"This is what the Lord God says- He who created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and all that comes out of it, who give breath to it's people, and life to those who walk on it:

I, the Lord, have called you to righteousness;


Isaiah 42:5-6

If we know Jesus we are not walking this road alone. There is more comfort in that than any thing that man can provide. I am insufficient to encourage my husband during this time. ONLY God can do it. I am insufficient to help my daughter's eyes and mind develop, but the God that created her and knew her before she was even born can do anything that He chooses to help her grow. I just pray that His name will be lifted high from the walls of this home as we walk this road together. 


Rebecca Jo said…
So glad to get an update from you!!! Been wondering how things were!

I bet if she gets her eyes all straightened out, it'll make a HUGE difference to her progress! Sorry you've been having some bad days with some harsh terms given to you!
Heather said…
Hi Melissa! So glad you are back...I love reading and hearing your heart. I am sorry for what you are going through, and I am saying a prayer for you and your family today.
JenB said…
What a great attitude God has given you, little missy! And very cool about the interview! Can't wait to hear about it. Let me know!
Love you!
ThreeGirlyGirls said…
How did it go?? I hope well. I am with you girl..we are cutting, cutting, cutting and it's still hard. But the Lord will provide!!

I'm praying for sweet Caroline (everytime I write that I sing that song....hee hee) I know it's not easy but you are an amazing momma!!

Much love.
Faith said…
Been praying for you guys! So thankful for the ways that God has been showing Himself...I know He will continue to take care of you all.

So neat about the job interview! Can't wait to hear how it goes =)

Love you girl!
Kat said…
Melissa, I love ya girl! I'll continue to pray for sweet Caroline and your family! xo

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