Update on the Update!

Howdy bloggy friends! You all wrote the sweetest comments about my girl. Ya'll! GOD'S GOT THIS! Testing or not He's in control and He has a plan for her! He has given me a scripture at the beginning of each school year and this year it's Jeremiah 29:11. I am CLAIMING IT!!!!!!!!! So guess what He has already done?

1) She told our cat last night that Jesus died for him! NOW... that's not theologically sound in the LEAST, but she is hearing that Jesus loves her and died for her. I believe fully that she will ask Him into her heart one day. UNTIL THEN... HE'S GOT HER! (It was the cutest thing ever..."Pepper, listen. Jesus died for you! He did! He really did! Did you hear me?" ha!)

2) She stood in front of her little class the other day and read an entire book to them. ALL BY HERSELF!

3) She has done well on her spelling, reading and Bible verse quizzes! And she has taken them with her class instead of with the special needs teachers! Math... well, that's another story, but we are trying!

3)We are doing all we can. IF we were just sitting back and letting her fail I could see where she might be in trouble. (Please hear my heart. I am not trying to toot my own horn. I just know parents in denial and they aren't taking the needs of their kids seriously and their kids a struggling more than they ever need to! ) God has brought therapists and teachers in our path that HAVE TO BE STRAIGHT FROM HIM! It's the best that we can do!  I have to find rest in that!

Ya'll just pray! If God puts us on your hearts please just pray. It's the best thing that you could ever do for us!

The job thing is still up in the air. I felt good about the interview, but there is a little bit of a situation that the youth pastor is working through with the church. He said he would let me know something next week. It sounded positive though so we will see! God's timing is perfect so I am trusting that this waiting is for a purpose.

AND... my husband's company got a big project today! WOO HOO!! I can not tell you how many days we have prayed that this day would come. We need a few more to come along but we will take it!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

God is so good! I just can't tell you how much peace He brings to me everyday. Not everyday is easy, but this is a sinful world that is fallen! I can't expect much more from the world, but my GOD! Well, He is able to do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine!! :)


Kat said…
WooHOO!!! Y'all deserve all those sweet blessings and more! Love ya! xo God is good, indeed!
JenB said…
OK, #1 made me laugh (again!) and #2 and #3 made me cry. How awesome!!
And YAY for the project!!!
Faith said…
Yippee!!! God is working and we know that He is faithful! Love to you all =)

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