Silly Cat!

It's probably a little weird to write a post about your cat. I've never claimed to not be weird so... here we go. :)

This is Pepper. You met him this past summer when Caroline turned 8.


He was so tiny and cute as a button!


Little did we know that this little guy would have almost as much personality as our kid!

He likes to get between the banisters at the top of our foyer and check out what's going on below!


One day I walked through the den and under the area where he was perched and down dropped a cat right in front of me! I think he used one of his nine lives that day! 

When Caroline is in the tub he likes to walk the edge of the tub. He bats at the water as it runs and he likes to try to drink it! She is always giggling at him and they have a good time playing at bath time!

He also likes to hide under things and attack us when we least expect it!


The other day he took his collar off and carried it in his mouth to my husband. I guess he was tired of wearing it, but didn't want to lose it either?

He meows at us and "talks" as he plays with his toys. If the doorbell rings he sits at the door and meows like "Hey! Someone's at the door! Aren't you going to answer it?"

He loves to wrestle his little stuffed animals and he even plays soccer!

We also recently replaced an old bird feeder in the back yard. This is now one of his favorite places to lie and watch the action outside! Look at how big he is!


And you see that look? That's "Ok! Seriously! Leave me alone with the camera, lady!"


Pepper has been a great addition to our home. Even my husband (who swore he hated cats!) now loves to play with him and finds himself telling me about his silly antics. I'm sure we are not the only family with a kitty that's full of personality. But he's ours and we love our silly cat! :)


Rebecca Jo said…
Little fur babies have a way of making their way into families hearts... what a pretty kitty!!!
Faith said…
He's such a cutie! Almost makes me miss having a cat {almost!} So glad y'all are having so much fun with him!

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