Starting Something New? And a Little Ranting...

Today I am going to look at a new school for our girl. Well, it's not a NEW school. It has been around for a LONG time, but it's new to us... so it's new.

Our present school has been really good and it's a private Christian school so we have learned scripture and lots of other things... along with the ability to read. YAY! Thing is... they do not have enough special needs support. The class size is not overly big, but it's too big for our girl so we think it's time to move on.

I have to say... we have not come to this decision without tears and gnashing of teeth! When you think about uprooting your kid and trying to start something new when they struggle with being anxious, a change in schedule, learning and a variety of other things... well... let's just say it's a hard decision.

Last week we did start ADHD meds. Can I just say... health care professionals really (REALLY) make me want to scream? (Prepare for the rant!)

1)We have had a psychologist (who has tested her twice and worked with us since she was 5) mention that the meds might be something to consider.

2)Before that we had a neurologist (who did her MRI, etc.) mention that the meds might be a good thing to look at once we got into school this year and saw how things went. (We are changing schools people! It's not going so great!)

3)We even had an ophthalmologist say that FOCUS was her main issue and that we might want to look at something that will help with that... hint, hint... meds! 

4) Her teachers have talked endlessly about her inability to focus in the classroom, her impulsive behaviors, her attention span being shorter than the average kid, etc...

So this decision did NOT come flippantly or without much consideration. We needed hard evidence that these meds were necessary before we even thought about starting them...

Then yesterday happened! The Vision Therapist that we are seeing tested her and we all saw some measured improvements! (PRAISE THE LORD!) When we mentioned the meds he said, "Have you taken it yourself? Do you know how it makes her feel? Have you? I mean you might want to try it."

UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! NO! I have not tried it! I didn't just go out on the street and get some drug to put my kid on! A LICENSED NEUROLOGIST helped us make this decision (along with 72 other people who deal with her!) and I am not the one that is dealing with being impulsive to the point of frustrating the teachers that are trying to teach her to do math! Or walk in a line for Pete's Sake!

Here's the other thing... while he is a doctor... he has NO CHILDREN! I would LOVE to send her home with him for a week. Just one week. He has no idea what we have heard and dealt with on a daily basis. NO IDEA!

He said, "She does great here with us... one on one!" WELL YEAH! It's you and her! Have you seen her with 20 other kids? She has so many distractions that she can't spell her name correctly on her paper! Much less do the work that they are asking her to do! SERIOUSLY!

I do not doubt that he is extremely bright. I do not discount the fact that he is a doctor that is making a difference in the lives of children and families. I do not even doubt that he may be right that the meds make her feel different. I DO, however, NOT BELIEVE THAT HE HAS EVER BEEN IN A PARENT CONFERENCE WHERE THE TEACHER HAS HAD TO SAY THAT HIS KID IS THE REASON THAT THE ENTIRE CLASS IS SLOWER THAN THE OTHERS BECAUSE SHE CAN'T FOCUS!!!!!!!!! Until he has been where I am... I just think he needs to stop. Just stick to vision therapy fella!  I'm just sayin'.

Ok. Coming down off the soap box.

So... we are going to look at a public school today that offers more support for kids who deal with learning issues. We could also use some behavioral support and we know that this school offers a program that may be able to help.

I'm praying that the Lord will go before us and that He will just show us exactly what needs to happen for our girl. He has been so faithful and He IS in control!

Wonder what He could do about that doctor and his opinions?  hee hee...


JenB said…
I'm cracking up at your rant. I think that is one of those times when you smile, grit your teeth, and force out "Thank you for your opinion." And then do what you need to do!
Hope it goes well today and that you find encouragement and direction. Love y'all!
Valarie said…
OH NO HE DI'NT!!! Girl, I will NOT even start, but know this, YOU are her Momma and while he may be a Dr., when you have an entire TEAM supporting an opinion that he may not agree with, he needs to SHUT IT!!!! Enough said! ;-)

Love ya girl, and I got your back!
Faith said…
Still praying for y'all! It was so great to catch up the other night. We love you guys so much and are trusting the Lord right along with you!
Jensmere said…
Hey Melissa,
Just stopped in to say hello! I feel like ranting with you after reading this post. I sooooo understand where you are coming from! AND I have never heard of such an unprofessional statement...I can't even imagine telling a parent to try the drug before giving it to the child! He obviously doesn't understand the pharmacology of how the drugs work!

Sorry, just had to rant a little on your behalf! lol

Now, for the serious business...I prayed for you this morning and asked the Lord to guide you and bless you...BEFORE I came to visit your place.

I have full confidence that our Jesus has just the perfect place for precious Caroline...a school with understanding teachers, one teacher in particular who will closely bond with her to bring her to new ways to learn...and an atmosphere of peace to nourish her precious spirit while the Lord does His perfect work in her mind and body!

Bless you, dear one...
Love and prayers,

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