The Almost Done Re-do!

Things are not completely done in my year long quest to redo the play/bonus room, but we are making progress and I am SO EXCITED with how things are going that I just could not wait to share!

First we started with bead board. We have 2 doors in the alcove area that really stood out (and were a HUGE KID MAGNET!) because they are painted white. Every time you walked into the room your eye went to those doors.  We had to fix that!

Next was paint because the color was this beigey-pinky-peachy color. I recently had someone give me a plaid sofa that has an off white color in it and it was NOT the color of the walls.  I can't really afford to change the sofa right now (like with a slip cover) and FREE IS FOR ME so we kept the sofa  and decided that it would have to work!

Here's the new bead board and the paint before... with a few samples splattered on:



And here's the new khaki brown that we painted:


I wish I had a really good camera so that you could see the color. It looks so much warmer and... just better!

Next, I wanted to change the lighting a little. I went on a search for a CHEAP light fixture and Voile'! I found it!


It was ugly brown with a piece missing from the candle on the far right, but it was $29. I knew I could add a little paint and some other stuff and we'd make it work!

The other issue that we had was that the light fixture that was already there was a canned light. That means a big hole that can't support another light fixture unless you convert it.

010 (2)

Well, Lowe's has a fix-it kit! We worked to install it and then got on with the light redo:


Yep! I hung it in the tree in my front yard and went to town with a can of spray paint! The neighbors just stared, but who cares!? It totally changed the look of the light and it dried pretty quickly in the sun!

That week I was in a store that had some really adorable (AND SUPER EXPENSIVE)  lights in it. There was one light that had 5 arms (like mine!) and they had embellished it with feathers and "jewels"!! It was $300!! Oh my word!! But, I totally loved it so I decided to duplicate it.

I went to Hobby Lobby and got a white boa and some pearly Christmas garland for about $14 total. I cut and hot glued the boa and garland to fit and added the light bulbs and here's the finished product:

031 (2)

The total cost was only around $45 by the time you added the fixture, paint and fancies... I'll take that ANY day over $300! And it probably saved my marriage... I'm just sayin'...

We also had another cute light that had been in my daughter's room. We thought it would be good to have a light on her new desk, but didn't want to buy something new. We decided to that the pink light would not go:


So I painted the base brown and kept the blue bow:


On the same $29 light shopping trip I found a really adorable quilt top that I just loved!! It wasn't that expensive and it just screamed character to me. I wanted something super cute and shabby as a window treatment, but, again, it needed to be super cheap! I am not sure that this will stay this way, but for now... I like this:


Over the summer we took some cute pictures that I had never printed so I spend .45 each on the prints then went to IKEA and got $5 frames to make a picture wall.

025 (2)

This isn't finished, but I love the look and I can't wait to add to it!

So.. the ALMOST finished alcove looks like this:


So far the paint and bead board have been the most expensive things that we have purchased for the room. The desk and sofa were given to us and I have been reusing things in our house along with cheap pictures and frames to help complete the look that I wanted.

I am so happy with how things are fitting together and I can't wait to show you the rest of the room! The plaid couch will have to stay, but it could be worse! I could be sitting on the FLOOR! It's not terrible... it's navy and beige. It could be some CRAZY color scheme!! (I'm trying to get use to the plaid.. can you tell?!?!)


Rebecca Jo said…
I cant even tell what my favorite is - the chandeleir, or the lamp - I love the whole area... ADORABLE!!!!
JenB said…
I love it! It's looking great! That's the light fixture from my dining room. Probably 1/2 the houses in here have it, ha! I recently painted it black (hanging from a tree in my front yard!) and I like it so much better.

Can't wait to see the whole room!
Faith said…
I love it all! That light fixture is fabulous. Of course, I would expect nothing less from you. Ha! You have done a great job!

Are we going to get to see the couch?
Bella Michelle said…
Wow, it is looking wonderful and I can't wait to see the rest of the room.

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