The Next Decorating Step

Well, I am here because the spackling is drying in the playroom!I am really happy that the bead board is up and now needs a nice coat of semi-gloss white to make it shine! I am also excited to be applying 2 shades darker than this...


to my walls! I like this color apparently because when I put it on the wall in the playroom... it totally matched the hallway right outside! So... I went 2 shades darker and I am LOVING IT! It's enough contrast to make it a little different, but I think it will blend nicely with the rest of the house!

I also found a quilt top that I can't wait to show you all (and my sister-in-law had a fab-u-lous idea for it so I hope I can make it work!) and a light for $29. It's quite ugly right now, but YOU JUST WAIT! I have visions of paint and dangly, sparkly things hanging from it's ugliness to make it ALL Beautified!

The house still looks like a yard sale, but we are making progress. I am working now, too, so things are going MUCH S-L-O-W-E-R... these days, but it's progress none the less. I'll take it.

We are having dinner here for several couples on Oct. 16th so that gives me a deadline. I do well with deadlines. AND the fact that friends can't come for dinner with the Sanford and Son theme song playing in the background!

Thanks to my friend Faith for helping me with some words on my header! It turned out cute and so WELCOME TO THE NEW LOOK!

Oh, the washer? Still. Not. Fixed. Could you just shake a repair man for me if you see one around town? Any one will do. The part is RUMORED to be in by tomorrow. I washed panties in the sink.

Have a lovely day! Pictures soon to come! :)


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