Turkey Day Quandry

You might remember that I am currently the pre-school music teacher for the preschool at our church. Oh. My. Heavens. You probably have never seen such cuteness in your entire life. Today I wore my hair curly and one of the boys said, "HEY!What's up with your hair? It's funny!" Love it.

We are having such a good time in Music and Move It! We are playing instruments, playing with hula hoops, singing songs and being down right silly people! I promise I have never, EVER, sung "Deep and Wide" so many times in my entire life. They love it and I love them so it's totally worth it!

And I wear jeans and tennis shoes. AND I get paid a little. How can you beat it? Cuteness, "Deep and Wide", jeans AND payment. I'll take it.

Well, as the preschool music teacher I am responsible for a preschool Thanksgiving program. We are learning 3 songs and the kids are just the cutest things singing "Oh, I'm glad I'm not a Turkey!" Problem is, I have like 5.2 minutes of the program covered with those 3 songs!! Parents and grandparents will be in attendance. We need a little more don't you think?  You creative folk out there got any suggestions?

I am pretty sure we will have a pastor from our church come to say a few words, and we definitely want to  present the gospel since we owe ALL thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  I  just gotta figure out how to make the program God honoring and ADORABLE all at the same time. I am sure God will show me. He's pretty amazingly creative Himself!

Here is another thing... I need a  nap almost every day after I leave the wild people... I mean preschoolers. They are precious, but MAN! They can wear ya out! AND I am wearing out a can of Lysol. Bless their little runny noses!


Faith said…
Oh, I remember those turkey day programs well =) I know you are doing a fabulous job with those kiddos and I have no doubt they love you so much!

Can't wait to hear what you come up with! Love you =)

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