A Recap in Numbers

Blawgin’ Friends! How I’ve missed you!!!! Man, life got CRAZY busy and I”ve hardly sat at the computer long enough to check e-mails! (I don’t have a smart phone so we do things the old fashioned way around here!)  I did check my friend’s blog one day and she had done a recap in numbers, which I thought was very efficient and creative, so I’m gonna do the same!

72 is the number of children that participated in my first ever pre-school and day care graduation! The theme was “All Aboard with Jesus” and we had real train signs on stage:


The kids were super cute in their railroad hats and bandanas and my very own daddy came and played the banjo while the kids sang. A great time was had by kids, teachers and parents and this was ONE happy Pre-school music teacher when it was all over!!


10! is the number of years that we celebrated that very same weekend as our little girl rolled into the double digits! Well, she’s not so  little anymore, but I suppose she will always be little to me.


Everything was pink and yellow (right down to the bathing suit!) for her swim party! She had a few friends from church and school and family that came! She had a ball!


968 is the number of calories that I have burned since starting a new nutrition and fitness logging system on www.sparkpeople.com. and ZERO is the amount that I have paid for it!! The pounds are not just falling off, but I do feel so much better and my clothes are feeling better so I am not giving up!! I have lost a few pounds and have a long way to go, but I am LEARNING and that is almost as valuable!!

2 is the number of projects that I have completed since I wrote about my shopping spree with my sweet sister-in-law. I like how the silver platters look with a painting that my brother did above my kitchen cabinets.


And I really like how this table turned out once I added a few touches…


One is the number of girls who finished 2nd grade in my house. It is the number of kids that I am proud to say has grown so much this year. She is doing math and reading and she loves God’s Word. 012

There are still struggles and some things that we plan to explore this summer to help us better understand her needs. She is learning that life is hers for the living and that sometimes real friends are hard to come by, but when you find them you cherish them.


And One is the Jesus that still amazes me everyday of my life. I do not know how I’d make it through life’s journey without Him and His Word reminding me of His love for me everyday.

Oh, I hope not to stay away so long next time! Summer is here and we really don’t have major travel plans, but maybe things will slow down enough for me to blawg and catch up on some of you!


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