Might As Well Blawg!

Well, it’s raining. I am happy about it because our weeds yard needs the rain, but my plan WAS to work on said weeds yard and hopefully help it out a little. Oh well! Maybe later… what else could I do? OH! I know! Let’s write a blawg entry! Never mind the laundry, dusting and 457,890,321 other things I need to be doing! I HAVE PRIORITIES!!

So last week was Mother’s Day and with family out of town it is always a trick to figure out who we will see and when. Because of the whole “ON THE DAY” thing in my family it can sometimes get tricky! We figured it out, none the less, and here are a few family shots!


Note how not ONE mother had her picture taken and who is the random person in red up there? Anyway, a fun time was had by all and it may just have been the best Mother’s Day EVER!

The main reason for such greatness was that we kept it simple. We had a cookout with my sweet man’s family and the kids just played and played. We met my family for lunch after church and just hung out a little.

For Mother’s Day my husband agreed to help get the nasty shutters off of the house…(note the random shades of fadedness that once graced the front of the Guinn Inn! Oh, so lovely.. and classy, too!)


… and we bought new ones! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! We are using black instead of green (or whatever that lovely color is!) and louvered instead of flat shutters! I can’t wait to get everything cleaned and the new ones up!

Before we throw the old ones out I just may snag a few faded ones, group them together and hang them as a shabby backdrop on our deck! My husband is asking,”How come they were TERRIBLE on the front of the house but suddenly artwork on the back!?!?” Hee hee! Let’s see what happens!

I also went on a little shopping trip with my sister-in-law last week and found some good finds!

We hit the Habitat for Humanity store where I scored these silver Oneida trays:


The big one was $6 and the small one was $4!! My SIL gave me the one lying down to help balance out the tray number … I LOVE THEM.. now, where to put them?? I have a few ideas!

I also found this beige candlestick that has the colors of my house painted on it and it is really shabby… My SIL had the brown one so I am going to work on a place for those too!



THEN.. I needed tables and my SIL wanted to get rid of some so…


I am trying this one out in my den!

And this one needs some TLC, but it will go on my porch!


I am eager to get some plants and maybe an outdoor rug to bring the look together! It’s all looking a little bland right now, but after I finish blawgin’ (remember! priorities!) I am going to get to work! Once things are together… ok, once I change things because I NEVER feel like I am completely done, I will show you and see what you think! I’d love your help!

It looks like the rain may have stopped. Guess I need to get busy! You have a good weekend!


Faith said…
You've got lots of fun projects going on! I can't wait to see what you do with it all. I know it will be beautiful!

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