Lovin’ Me Some Summer Reading!

At the end of the spring/beginning of summer my little girly went to spend some time with my parents. I was so excited because my man and I had planned to go on a MUCH NEEDED date night and he had said that he’d take care of the plans. As I arrived back into town he called me and said for me to meet him at an old theater here in town for a  newly released movie that he was SURE I would love!

BLESS HIS BABY HEART! He has been a student of his wife for 15 years (almost!) and knew that I loved period pieces like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, etc.! I was SOO excited to drive up to the theater to see this:

The movie ad for Jane Eyre! along with a line of eager and excited WOMEN waiting in line to buy the tickets. We walked in and sure enough… there might have been 5 other men in the theater.. the rest were excited, bathroom waiting, popcorn wielding, chitter chattering women in every seat! (Well, those still waiting in line at the potty were not in their seats yet, but they were all talking about how excited they were while they were in line!)

I LOVED THE MOVIE! He scored big brownie points that night!

Well, I decided to see about reading the book and much to my surprise there is a FREE DOWNLOAD on Kindle for many classic titles! I WAS BESIDE MYSELF!

So, I am currently reading Jane Eyre and can hardly get anything done for having my Kindle plastered to my face!

Though Jane was reared without much of a family tie she became educated and independent is amazingly confident and  just a tough old girl! Perhaps I’ll  do a book review! Ha! What do I know about reviewing books?


Patty Sumner said…
How Sweet! He should get extra brownie points and maybe even a pan of brownie's. I hope you enjoy your reading....Blessings!

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