Things My Mama Did Right

Well, it has been a while since I have written a post. I know there’s lots to tell you but this hit me this morning as I was driving home from the gym.  Soon I will have to post some recent pictures of all that is going on around here, but for today I’ve been thinking about my mom.

There really isn’t a special reason other than recently we’ve sometimes disagreed on a few things. (Just keepin’ it real, people! And let me tell you… she keeps it real, too!) We are so much alike that we sometimes butt heads, but I seriously do not know where I’d be without her.

Growing up I guess I didn’t respect her like I always should have. Maybe you aren’t like me, but I went through a stage where I didn’t think she was very smart at all. She’d be glad to tell you about all of the ways that I let her know that, too. Just ask!

As I became an adult we’ve always talked but I am pretty independent so I ventured out on my own, started a teaching career and got married. Things were going along pretty smoothly until I had this  little girl. With mild special needs and being a first time mom, MAN did I need help!!?


.. and suddenly she was BRILLIANT! I would have  (and would STILL) struggled much more without her on my team! That is FOR SURE!

She loves to dress up and be cute! She taught me to try to look my best at all times and to hold my head up high. She has always said, “Your family is proud of you. You be proud of yourself!”

She has always taught me to laugh… and she is hilarious!! I love that she cracks jokes, even in serious situations, and that she can crack you up with her dry sense of humor. She will say ANYTHING to anyone and it makes me and my brother just roll!


She’s always taught me to laugh at myself…don’t take it all too seriously and “remember that everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time just like you do”. (One of her favorite quotes!)

april 2011 003

She works at the hospital in the women’s imaging area (breast cancer screening) and she is SO perfect to work with the doctors. They may be highly educated and highly paid, but they are people and she does not let those degrees or pedigrees intimidate her one bit! She treats everyone the same and she’s taught me to do the same.

She has also taught me to love unconditionally. While she has always worked outside the home to help take care of us she has ALWAYS been there through thick and thin. I have never wondered whether or not I could talk to her about anything! She is concerned and she cares about situations that our family faces, and she does not shy away when things are hard. Good or bad, she’s there.

She is there for her brother and sisters, too. When their mom died my mom has been diligent about calling to check on things back home. I love that she’d drop everything to help them if they needed her, just like she’d do for me and my family. Family is family no matter how far away and no matter how much time has passed.

Mom also taught me to love Jesus. She may not be a big evangelist or even read her Bible every day, but there is no doubt that she values her salvation and she’s quick to tell someone, “Well, you need to get your life right with the Lord! He can make it all so much better!” She prays for us and she tries to live a consistent life… one that isn’t wishy washy, but one that shows that she  trusts the Lord in all things. Not much seems to take her down.

I know things in this life will not always be perfect, but I truly do not know where I’d be without my mom.  She’s done a lot of things right and I don’t think that we always take the time to say it. We may not always agree on everything, but one thing we always agree on is that there’s enough love here to always overcome!

I love you Mom!


Cindy said…
What a sweet tribute!

I know what you mean about moms being out of touch. My mom was SO ignorant of life!! Until I hit about 24, then she became the most brilliant woman on the planet! :)

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