WAIT! It’s April!?! I Need You to Pray!

Oh heavens! The time is just flying! This week is spring break for us and we have been so busy doing this and that. We’ve also just celebrated Easter and our Savior’s resurrection and had a really fun time with family. THAT is for a separate post along with other things that have been going on around our house.

I wanted go post this today so that we could have as many people as possible begin to pray for our mission team. We leave in 12 days and I really covet your prayers for each of our team members and the missionary family that we will stay with.

The names of our team members are: Lisa, Ginger, Connie, Ron, Ryan, Joseph, Jeremy and Garrett and myself.  We covet your prayers for:

our families as we leave them here and for us as we go away from them

traveling mercies

unity of the team


flexibility as schedules change and personalities mesh

being bold for Christ and working with all that we have to do what He would have us to on our short visit there

planning and reaching the children in that area of the world in the best ways possible

Joseph will be preaching some. Please pray that the Lord puts the exact words in his heart and mind so that he will be as effective as possible

Some of our team are dealing with work issues. Please pray that those will be resolved so that we can go knowing that God has provided here.

We do have a proposed schedule. I would like to post that soon so that you can pray for us specifically each day. We can not emphasize the importance of prayer as we set out to share about our Savior with a lost and dying world.

Thank you so much for praying!


Cindy said…
I just read through some of your old posts and I love reading about your clothing ministry. The way the Lord uses it to minister to people EXACTLY the way they need! He's a great God!

I will be praying for you and everyone going on the missions trip.

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