You Never Know

It was a busy day today. There were many people that I’d never seen coming through the door waiting for help. There was a line. People waited to register and people waited to be processed and people waited to hear a word of encouragement. It was in their eyes. Well, more like in the way they held their heads kind of looking at you  sideways… almost not wanting to look because they were admitting they needed help.

There was one lady. She came in with the crowd and stood to wait her turn. Behind her was a younger lady who looked like her, obviously her daughter.They waited quietly and they were not new. I’d seen them there before and smiled at them, “Hey! I will be with you in one minute!” I said. They both smiled, nodded and said ok.

As I came to them I asked them to remind me of their names. They told me and handed me their picture identifications. As I looked for their names the daughter spoke up, “Hey, you know that Bible you gave me last time? It has really helped.” I looked at her. She was smiling right at me. There was still a line behind her and so I just said, “Oh, I am so glad!” I touched her hand and told her that she could begin shopping.

People continued to come into the store and so I continued to welcome them and find their information.

She finally finished shopping. As things go the line of people that she came in with began to complete their shopping, too. Again there was a line.

She came to the counter and put her items up to be counted. I said, “So you have enjoyed your Bible?”

“Yes! Thank you so much!” she said, smiling.

“Do you have children?” I asked as I folded pants and shirts for her to take.

“Yes, one daughter.” she replied.

There were 2 men and a woman standing behind her looking at me with arms full of clothes to be processed.

I thought of my own daughter and how a very wise friend had challenged me to prepare my own Bible as a legacy for her. I decided to share it.

“I’m going to challenge you now.” I said. Her eyes got bigger and she moved closer in curiosity. The eyes behind her also got bigger.

I continued. “I want you to take that Bible and every time you hear a sermon… so you need to be in church… and every time you pray for her… because you ARE praying for her, right? I want you to write it in that Bible. Let her know that you are leaving her a legacy of faith and of prayer and of God’s Word because if you don’t do it then who will?”

She shook her head, thinking. “Ok, I will. I will start doing that so I can pass it on to her.”

“You need to give it to her for a special occasion when you know that she will be able to appreciate and respect it. Don’t just hand it to her one day. Treat God’s Word like the treasure that it is and give her that treasure in time.”

I finished bagging her clothes, we said our goodbyes and the next man stepped forward.

“That was good advice. I have a Bible. I need to think about that.” He said with smiling eyes.

Sometimes wisdom from God is only for us and the situations that we face. He is so faithful to meet us where we are and help us through with a special word. It’s specific revelation.

Sometimes, though, God’s Wisdom is for everyone and if we are wise we will share it. My friend did that for me and I wanted to do that for someone else. How else will God’s word move forward into hurting lives if we are not sharing with those in need of a word of encouragement? You never know who else might be listening and how their lives might be impacted, too.


Willie Mae Rumph said…
You are so wise - passing along His wisdom! Listen to the pounding and keep acting on it. You are doing it right! Love and blessings!
Cindy said…
Such a great idea about the Bible! Glad the Lord is shining through you.

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