I got a text. It was from a friend of mine that works at the church.
“Hey, are you busy?”

The clothes closet was open and it’s always an ebb and flow…

“We are a little busy.” I reply.

She helps put together items for some houses that are used for missionaries that come back to the US. People had donated silverware and there was too much. She wanted to know if I could run up to the church office to get it. We don’t usually accept that type of thing… only clothes, but it was good to know.

I couldn’t go right then, but I tell her we will get it soon.

I put my phone in my back pocket.

The next shopper, with arms full of clothes walks up. She has a scar on her face. 

My heart starts. “She’s been abused.”

She lays her items on the counter and I smile at her and say, “Did you find some things?”

Her eyes get glassy with tears.

“Yes.” That was all she could say. A tear falls.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I ask.

“Well, I am at the battered women’s shelter. You know, when you flee you just go with the clothes on your back? So I am trying to piece it together again.”

Another tear.

“So now I am out trying to get some clothes and other things. I think they are going to help me get into a house but I have nothing. I mean, I have no silverware, no blankets…”

I stop her.

“Wait. What did you say?”

I pull my phone out of my pocket. Of all the things that this lady would mention that she needs she mentions SILVERWARE??

I call my friend who, not five minutes before, had texted me.

I tell her and she just says, “I’ll  meet you. Come get it.”

When I arrive my friend is in the hallway with not only silverware, but a silverware holder, cleaning supplies, a night gown, a laundry basket, some trial sized toiletry items and some blankets.

We just stand there for a second and look at each other.

She laughs. “Do you know this has been in my office for a few weeks? Why did I decide to text you today? I had it under my desk and it fell out on me. I just got aggravated and someone picked on me about having a mess so I decided to text you right then!! Are you kidding me? This woman really said silverware?”

We load it on a cart and I push it down to the clothes closet. When I walk in another helper is praying with her. We walk to the parking lot and the woman sees the cart. She is just overwhelmed.

“Ma’am we see God do this so often. I did not bring one bit of this to the church! You need to know that He knows your EVERY need… even the need of silverware.. and He is going to provide.”

She shakes her head. “Well, I recently rededicated my life to Him. I have not lived like I should. I don’t deserve this.”

I reply, while holding her hand, “None of us deserve His grace. You have to live for Him! He’s pursuing you!!”

She is smiling now. She takes her things to the car that waits for her because she  has ridden to the clothes closet with others that are in the same situation. Relying on each other. Trying to make it through.

I am not sure why this happens, but we all deal with lack of faith in the here and now.

If we know Christ, it’s easy to say that we know that “one day” we will be with Him and “one day” He will fulfill His promises. We know that we have hope for eternity, but what about TODAY? Why do we not trust that TODAY He will provide for our needs? Why do we not see that TODAY is the day of salvation and that TODAY He is the same God that provides for tomorrow or the future? Why do we not pray for the little things that we think are small and insignificant? He is GOD! Nothing is impossible for Him.

Moses prayed and the Red Sea opened up and His people walked right through! Moses didn’t “Pre-pray” for that! He stood at the water and prayed and God did it! THAT day.

It’s almost like we have the faith for our future with God, and we see His hand in our past, but somehow He’s just not able to handle our present.

I think we forget. He’s here. He is the GREAT I AM! Not “I was” or “I will be”.  I AM.

He can provide even the smallest detail. The thing that is essential to make it through today… He can make it happen. That’s why we have a daily walk and a daily (well, lately it’s been hourly and even minute by minute) prayer time. Because He wants to meet us, and provide for our needs in the everyday. While it’s still called today…

Even silverware.


Cindy said…
I loved when you wrote, '...we have the faith for our future with God and we see His hand in our past, but somehow He's just not able to handle our present.' That really touched my heart. We have so many pressing needs, but I'm not sure God can do it TODAY. I expect it later, in the future. But do I trust Him Today?? I'll be thinking about that for a while.

Bless you for everything you do!

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