God's Amazing Hand

Lately it has been hard. I don't mean that my life has been unusually hard. Actually, compared to some.. I'd have to say that things have been going ok. And the more I look around, well, my definition of hard might  not be the same as others' definitions so I am learning to keep my mouth shut.

I guess what has been hard is keeping my questions to myself when it comes to God.

I am studying Genesis 1 right now. Yep. Just the first chapter. Six weeks in the first chapter.  It is nothing short of amazing when you really take your time and dig.

To think about the LITERAL creation of the earth and all that is in and on it just blows my mind. How did He do that?

Certainly, that's for HIM to know and for ME to find out.. one day. Maybe. I have a feeling that if He even started to explain how He took NOTHING  and made a tree out of it I'd be utterly and totally confused from the first syllable. I might as well stick to my finite-ness.  It seems to suit me.

ANYWAY, as I see His amazing hand at work and I know that all it took was for Him to SPEAK and things like light, water, land...  in all of their complexities.. in perfect balance so that it might support life as we know it... came into existence then WHY???

See, this is where I get in trouble.

All sorts of questions conjure in my mind and I just want to say, "BUT GOD! IF YOU CAN DO THAT THEN WHY NOT....

... give my friend a baby?"

... heal that child of his disability?"

... change that man's heart for you so that he doesn't find himself in hell?"

... provide for the starving nations.. just with a spoken word, God?"

.. provide for families that are hurting?"

You see what I mean? It's REALLY hard.

I know that He's a BIG, and I mean BIG, HUGE, AMAZINGLY GIGANTIC God. I know that I can ask those questions and He probably just smiles at me and says, "Bless your heart, honey. You just have NO CLUE about what I am doing, do you?"

And the answer is no. I don't. I don't understand why we have to hurt other than the fact that Genesis 2 and 3 are coming. I have a feeling it's going to explain a lot. It just seems that the more I learn... well, the more I realize just how much I do not know.

Lord, THANK YOU that You are big enough to handle my questions. Thank you that You hold the universe in Your hands and that you hold each situation in those same hands. I pray for my friends that are waiting on You to provide, Lord. The waiting is so hard. Thank you for the beauty of Your amazing creation and for the fact that You allow us to share in it daily. Nothing is more beautiful than freshly fallen snow or a crystal clear sunny day. If You can make those things happen, God, would You please hear our cries? May we honor You with our daily lives Lord. Make me smart, Lord. Help me to know You more every day. I love you Jesus. Amen.


Rebecca Jo said…
I recently started over in Genesis with the youth & found so much that spoke to my heart like you are finding... Love that God speaks new things to us every time we search His word!
Faith said…
Love this post, and love you my sweet friend. Thank you so much for your prayers for us. God is BIG and He is able and I'm praying that He does beyond, beyond what we could ever imagine!!
Traci said…
oh the questions i could come up with! to my human thought He just doesn't make sense! good thing He doesn't ask for understanding, just belief. and i believe!

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