These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things....

Recently I turned 40 and some of my friends and family gave me some really sweet things that are now my new fave's!

One thing that my mom and dad gave me is this:


It's a new fragrance from Banana Republic and I HEART IT! It smells so fresh and clean and I just love wearing it. I have never been a big fragrance girl, but things have changed! I've always had friends who had perfumes that they wore all the time and when I smelled that fragrance it made me think of them! Now maybe I will have one of my own!

Another neat gift that I received is a monogrammed necklace from my friend Faith. I tried over and over again to take a picture of it, but could never get a clear enough shot for you to see how pretty it is. It's silver and the perfect length for me! I really love it!

I sometimes go through phases of buying candles and keeping them burning so my house will smell pretty. Well, I had gotten out of that phase until my friend Lisa gave me this:


It's a little blurry... sorry! But it's a Yankee Candle called Island Breeze! OH MY WORD! If I can't be at the beach I might as well make my house smell like I am!

My friend Julie gave me this sweet cupcake charm for my Pandora bracelet...


isn't it the cutest thing??

And my sweet hubby arranged for his mom to get our daughter from school, took the day off to spend time with me and took me shopping! (I KNOW!)

He added to my collection of beads and bought me this... 03750d17a35261230d39edd4c897243c

I thought it was perfect since my birthday is the day after Valentine's day!

I think it's really fun to spice things up and change things up a bit! What are some of your favorite things??


Faith said…
I love your fun presents!! I'll have to check out your new fragrance - that's a great gift! And, I love your new beads too. That cupcake is adorable!

So glad you got some fun things for your special day! Love you my dear!
Traci said…
i may need to jump on the pand0ra bracelet wagon!
Bella Michelle said…
I love everything you got (people must really love you!!! LOL). Happy belated birthday, dear blog friend!

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