I'm Impressed!

For a few months now I have REALLY wanted to redo my blog design, but I have NO extra funds to do such a thing! Yesterday I signed on to read other people's stuff and I saw that Blogger had a new "design" tab! I started playing around and I like the choices that they have and how easy it is to make your blog have a more custom look! This header is actually one that my friend Faith made for me a while back and I still love it so I decided to use it again! How about that argyle background!?!? Now that they have options you just never know!! I may have a new design every week! HAPPY BLOGGIN' ya'll!!


Rebecca Jo said…
I love it!!! I'm a green freak anyways so I REALLY love it! :)
Love the new look. Green is always a good choice and when it comes in argyle how could you go wrong! Have a great day!

ThreeGirlyGirls said…
I love it! i've been wanting a new look too lately...so I'm off to PLAY with this new feature!! love it!!
Faith said…
Looks really cute! I LOVE the argyle!
Bella Michelle said…
Love the new blog look!!!! I saw that tab just haven't gotten brave enough to try it.

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