No Way! NINE!?!?

Here's how it happened! 


On June 1st nine years ago I went to the doctor. After waddling my way to the car that I drove to pick up my husband at work (yep.. it was a little backwards)  we went with a little trickle of a water break to the doctor's office...


... where the nurse told me to sneak me a bite of lunch before heading to the hospital because I was going to be there for a while!


We didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl, but I  always had my suspicions!




I really wasn't so surprised when they said, "Mrs. Guinn, it's a girl!" After all, I was big as a HOUSE and carried my weight all over my body! Somehow I knew that this unknown but precious child that I had carried (uncomfortably!) for 9 months to the day would be a girl.


I was surprised, however,  to see that she had a head full of BLACK hair and not one curl was in sight!


It was a painful wait when we learned that she would be in intensive care for 19 days as she recovered from pneumonia and a floppy voice box. I am pretty sure that I have never cried or prayed so hard in my life!


But God in His sovereignty gave us one sweet, funny, smart, and beautiful little girl!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRL! We praise God for you every single day! You are growing and maturing so much and we are proud of the hard work that you have put in to be where you are today! 



Rebecca Jo said…
Ahhh - Happy Birthday to your beautiful little Princess!!!
Kat said…
Wow!!! Nine!!! That is crazy. Happy birthday, to sweet, hilarious and beautiful Miss. C.!!!

What a great birth story! Enjoy your girl and please eat a piece of cake for me :)

Faith said…
I love these pics of the girl! CanNOT believe she is nine! Oh my, I remember coming to see you guys when she had just come home. ((sigh))

She is such a joy and delight and we are so proud of the young lady she is. Looks like a wonderful day for a wonderful girl! We love you Liney!!

P.S. Thank you for the sweet card. You are such a dear friend and so thoughtful. Love you and miss you bunches!!
Traci said…
i remember when you felt her kick for the first time - in the middle of rehearsal!
happy 9th birthday girlfriend!
Mandy said…
Your daughter is just the best! Happy Birthday Caroline! Two days after she was born, Kev and I were married... I can relate to the "It's been 9 years already?!" in a slightly different way!
I can only hope to be such a great, encouraging and strong mom as you Melissa! Congrats!!

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