My 4th Grade Teacher Called it a "DEST"...

I have a few friends who are really good at refinishing furniture to make it look shabby-chic...


My friend Cindy had this old desk in her garage and she was just tired of it so she GAVE it to me!

FREE, PEOPLE! FREE!!! Have MERCY! It's a blessing from the Lord I tell ya!

You probably remember that I have been contemplating redoing Caroline's room and making it a little more grown up for her. This desk done in shabby chic style would be SOO cute! She already has a white iron bed and I've shared before that this is my inspiration pic...


I think a white desk and white bed with green walls and bedding (with a touch of pink somewhere) would still be girly and so pretty!


It has these old drawer pulls and the little locks that older desks use to have (so it has character!)  and it is HEAVY! I am thinking that she may regret giving up this little treasure!


So I have my sander (that my daddy used to make my bedroom furniture!) and I have discussed the process with my friends so I think I am ready to give it a go! Fingers crossed!! If they can do it I can do it! Right?!?!?

Pray for me. And the dest.


Melissa, I think you are right...we would be besties!!! I just love your plans for the "dest". It is going to be adorable. Can't wait to see it in all it's shabby-chic glory. Praying for ya siter...and the dest! :)

Bella Michelle said…
The "idea room" is just lovely! A perfect young lady's room. I can't wait to see how the desk turns out.

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